StreetFilms Film Festival: Intersection Intervention

Come see many of your favorite StreetFilms on the big screen! This film fest features a 60-minute program including 13 StreetFilms and a reception afterward with free beer and pizza.

  • Physically Separated Bike Lanes (8:30)
  • Make Music New York (3:18)
  • Congestion Pricing (4:12)
  • T.A. Rides with Penalosa & Byrne (2:11)
  • Bike Link – Bike Parking Pennies Per Hour – from Berkeley (5:44)
  • Count Cars Entering Prospect Park Illegally  (2:46)
  • Festival Streets – from Portland (3:38)
  • Park Slope: One Way is the Wrong Way (5:13)
  • Clarence the Traffic Calming Sasquatch (3:07)
  • PARK(ing) Day – from San Francisco (6:20)
  • Intersection Repair (10:43)
  • Innovative Bike Signal – from Portland (1:37)
  • Tour de Brooklyn (3:25)


Streetfilms Portland Week: Bicycle Boulevards

Streetfilms’ Clarence Eckerson has been spending a lot of time in Portland learning about the politics, planning, engineering and culture behind that city’s phenomenal bike network. Working closely with Greg Raisman from Portland’s Dept. of Transportation Clarence produced a half hour documentary called "A Celebration of Portland Transportation." On Saturday, the film was shown on the big screen at Portland’s Bagdad […]

Streetfilms Shorties: NYPD Traffic Agents Wave Drivers Into People

Last month we noted that Ray Kelly’s NYPD made a highly visible show of bike enforcement in Prospect Park in response to a pair of crashes where cyclists injured pedestrians. Normally, police don’t react so decisively to locations with high crash rates, but in Prospect Park, the 78th quickly handed out more tickets to cyclists […]

DOT’s Astoria Park Safety Plan Calls for 3 Protected Bike Lanes

Last June, a hit-and-run driver killed 21-year-old Betty DiBiaso at the intersection of 19th Street and Ditmars Boulevard, next to Astoria Park. The loss of DiBiaso prompted a neighborhood-wide discussion about the need to improve street safety around one of Queens’ most visited parks, and on Tuesday night DOT showed Queens Community Board 2 its proposals for the area […]