Today’s Headlines

  • MTA President Says Trains Can Handle Pricing Traffic (AMNY)
  • RELATED: Pricing Revenues ‘Critical’ to MTA Budget (Metro)
  • RELATED: Council Members Skeptical (BH Courier via Gowanus Lounge)
  • More Sadik-Khan Q&A (City Room)
  • Motorist Faces Jail for Using Expired Placard (Brooklyn Eagle)
  • Man Could Serve Six Years for Fixing Parking Tickets (WNBC via Gothamist)
  • Two Pedestrians Killed in Two Crashes, No Charges Filed (Post, Daily News, NY1
  • Elder Benepe Says Son Should Close Central Park to Cars (Daily Intel)
  • Cab Drivers Opposed to New Equipment Requirements (Gotham Gazette)
  • Legislators Vote to Cut NJ Emissions by 80 Percent (
  • Land Rover Embarks on Disaster Ad Campaign (Stay Free! Daily)
  • Tired of Traffic? DOT Says ‘Honk’ [Video] (Onion)
  • drose

    The first two articles make me think Roberts probably was spoken to after his comments on Monday about Subway crowding.

    I think the issue is now perfectly framed for Shelly: pass congestion pricing and you will have lower fare increases, improvement to mass transit throughout the region and a far better chance of getting your full Second Avenue Subway line. Thwart congestion pricing and you will get massive fare increases, no Second Avenue Subway down to your Lower East Side district, permanent crowding on regional mass transit and delayed repair of the system.

    Pretty simple for him to understand, and I hope Spitzer, Bloomberg, Lee Sander and Bruno can convince him to push his caucus to approve this.

  • JM

    Two pedestrians killed by retard drivers on two of the worst roads in NYC. When was the last time cyclists on sidewalks had a daily bodycount like that?

  • ddartley

    Jail for the Placard guy:

    Great. This one maintenance guy does what he sees HUNDREDS of law enforcement officials in uniform do, and the city threatens him with jail. The people who do it systemically continue on without consequences.
    Ain’t that just the world.

  • ddartley

    Can’t help adding to my Placard/jail comment above:

    The maintenance guy apologizes and says it was a big mistake.

    What do officials with placards say? “die,” “go to hell,” “lib jerks,” “we won’t do our jobs if you take our placards…”

  • Steve

    And speaking of civil servant placard abuse, getting cars out of the parks and out-of-state registration of in-state vehicles . . . here are the two Connecticut-plated vehicles of retired Parks Department Deputy Commissioner Alan Moss that have been parked 24/7 smack in the middle of Central Park for months. Why on earth does the Parks Dep’t give out these free passes to retired administrators who use them to park their personal vehicles in the Park?

  • Jason

    It’s pretty funny the Onion video is sponsored by BMW…

  • Plaque

    I’ll see it as progress when they bust Hasidim for fraudulent placards.

  • Karen

    I loved the elder Benepe story. How can this city be seriously considering congestion pricing when the parks still aren’t car-free? Give us Prospect and Central Parks 24-7. It’s overdue or it’s right on time. Either way, it’s the right small step to make forward for newyorkind. Let us breathe in that good oxygen provided by those great trees in the parks while we sweat it out doing our laps, whether on foot or on wheels or skateboards or wheelchairs. Give us the parks.