Today’s Headlines

  • Traffic Pricing Plan Wins Favor with Spitzer, Feds (NYT)
  • RELATED: Silver Voices Pricing Concerns (Sun)
  • A Look at Anti-Pricing Lobbyist Walter McCaffrey (City Hall)
  • Man Drives Car Through LI Mall (Newsday)
  • Environmentalist Dreams of New York Rooftop Farms (Reuters)
  • Bush Agrees to CO2 Cut — With Strings (Guardian)
  • Exploring Tel Aviv on Two Wheels (
  • Cars and Bikes: The Rules of the Road (Herald Tribune)
  • Boerum Place Median to Get Green Makeover (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Cure for Road Rage: Close Road (LA Times)
  • In Harrisburg, PA, $1,000 Fine for Honking (
  • P

    Is Silver really hesitant or is he trying to milk the legislative process for some payoff?

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    The speaker also said the pricing arbitrarily punished some drivers more than others. For instance, motorists crossing over East River bridges, which do not have tolls, would pay $8 more than they ordinarily do, but motorists crossing via toll bridges and tunnels would see a smaller increase because those tolls would be counted against the $8 charge.

    When I used to commute to Manhattan, my buses would regularly get stuck (for as much as 20 minutes on the same block) in traffic that was mostly people driving out of their way to avoid paying the tunnel toll. Who’s being arbitrarily punished?

  • drose

    When is somebody going to tell McCaffrey and Weiner that they need to attend a remedial math class? There is not a single equation I can find that equates 250 days of commuting x $8 to get the $5000 that they claim each working, middle-class commuter will have to fork out annually for congestion pricing. No one should listen to their jeremiads over PlaNYC without questioning this basic point.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    In the McCaffrey article, does anyone know what “parking notches” are? Are they curb cuts (just what Manhattan needs) or some kind of reverse traffic calming where the city takes away sidewalk to use it for curbside parking?

  • drose

    Also, when do we start calling Silver Status-Quo Shelly?

  • JF

    Our three weapons are a bogus populism, unfounded fear of border effects, an ability to fudge basic math, and an almost fanatical devotion to the party machine… Our four no…

  • Dan

    I find it really amazing that people think there’s a solution to the traffic problem in New York that isn’t removing cars from the road. I don’t know how to drive and I rarely take taxis during regular business hours, but yesterday I took a cab with a client from the west village to midtown. It was hell. It took longer than a subway trip and there were scores of intersections that at 2pm were locked up solid with cars.

    I really didn’t realize how bad the problem was in the CBD. I don’t know why people are fighting so hard for their right to take part in what has got to be, for any time conscious New Yorker, an incredibly frustrating waste of time.

  • AD

    If you ever have to be somewhere on time in Manhattan during business hours, always take the subway or ride a bike. Cabs and buses are a pointless waste of time and money.