Today’s Headlines

  • More Storms, More Flooding for NYC Area (Daily News)
  • Americans Want Action on Climate Change, But Are Unlikely to Drive Less (NYT)
  • Plug-In Hybrids Just Around the Corner (Autopia)
  • Building Collapses at Atlantic Yards (Gowanus Lounge)
  • Council Members Push for Brooklyn Ferry Service (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Attempt to Slow Bronx Block Makes It ‘More Dangerous’ (NY1)
  • Deadly Red Hook Intersection Gets Traffic Light (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Drivers Split over Alternate-Side Schedules (Brooklyn Paper)
  • MTA Fare Hike Expected (Metro)
  • ‘Pure Environmentalist’ Chosen for DEC’s New York Region (Metro)
  • Important story of lack of bus lane (or any special lane, I would add) enforcement in NYC:

  • lee

    Re the article about street cleaning rules in fort greene, Susan Butler makes a good point about parking turnover. In park slope it seems like certain cars never move. Heck, there are certain spots that I covet because the same car is always there. I love to get one of these spots and then let my car sit for a week out of spite.