Council Overrides Pedicab Veto

NY1 is reporting that the City Council has voted to override Mayor Bloomberg’s veto of its pedicab bill.

The pedicab bill caps the number of cabs at 325 and also adds new
safety and insurance requirements. The mayor vetoed the bill after
meeting with pedicab drivers who were concerned about losing their

  • Eric

    Man, I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that New York City had all of a sudden turned into this progressive, transit-oriented, forward-looking place. Thanks to Christine Quinn and the lily-livered Councilmembers who backed her for waking me up.

  • t

    There’s something to be said for billionaire mayors who aren’t beholden to special interest groups. Give credit to Bloomerberg for trying…

    This is what happens when politics overrides common sense. It’s clear that Quinn, no billionaire, needs the support of the TLC if she’s to become the next mayor. She doesn’t have the courage to remove herself from the TLC’s deep pockets. Who needs clean air, quiet streets, and pedestrian safety, when you have an election to win?

  • Anyone know where you can find the vote tally by member?

  • brent

    Quinn may have the support of the TLC, but I for one, will be discouraging anyone else I meet from ever supporting her again. She must be exposed as the spineless turd she is. DOWN WITH QUINN!!!

  • Boogiedown

    I agree, Brent. And not just for this. Study her record carefully and you’ll see what a run of the mill politician she really is.

  • Nicolo Macchiavelli

    I am no fan of Christine Quinn. However, can anyone name one of the contenders for the next Mayoralty who does support the pedi cabs? Does anyone think Stringer is a contender? Is he even running? I certainly haven”t seen Weiner or Thompson stepping up on this.

  • AD

    Glenn, Crain’s says that it was by a vote of 37 to 6. (Does anybody know who the forward-thinking six are?)

  • AD

    Here’s a little more information: Will at OnNYTurf is reporting that the vote was actually 35 to 6 with 2 abstensions and 8 who were "strategically absent." I still can’t figure out who the six who voted not to override the veto are though.

    Will notes: "Pedicabs are now capped city wide at 325. City Council just put 175 low income workers in a green industry out of business on the day after Earth Day. Shame."

  • Nicolo

    Adolfo Carrion, Bronx borough president did:

    And it’s not so much that the pedicab “issue” was anything beyond a burgeoning eco-industry that requested some mild forms of regulation from the Council. I doubt before Quinn added her amendments that anyone cared much one way or the other.

    Quinn was the only one who pushed it this far. The 35 votes were to support the Speaker, not against pedicabs (not that it excuses those who voted for it). She and the Council own this regulation now…hopefully they will realize the error of their ways or Quinn will be voted out before she’s term limited.

  • Eric

    I hope Scott Stringer will run. In fact, I am officially BEGGING him to run. The rest of the bunch makes me long for Giuliani. Or Dinkins.

  • ddartley

    I was so disappointed (to put it mildly) by this yesterday that I started to wonder what lessons there might be in how to win the next time there’s a similar contest. I wonder if the way certain newspapers (the News and the Sun, I believe (although thanks to the Sun for coming to the pedicab rally on Sunday)) ran with a story that seems to have been bogus–that Quinn and this Emily Giske person were co-conspirators, made Quin even more determined to strike at the pedicab industry.

    I admit that when that story came out, I was one who gleefully shared it with others. And besides, I don’t know how many people reading this comment can call shots at the Daily News and Sun editorial pages. But maybe this is another example of how nasty personal aspersions and unsupported conjecture should be kept out of important discussions. Conjecture is how we got into the Iraq war, after all.

    Sorry, don’t flame me for being a preachy #$%@, I’m just pissed about the override and wanted say something…

  • ddartley

    here’s the tally, by name:

    And hell, “aspersions” aside, I agree with Brent and Boogiedown, Quinn does seem to be the perfect mere “run of the mill politician.”

  • Fascinated

    From a council worker I know:
    Quinn called all the members and strong-armed them. Many members REVERSED their votes from the original legislation. Keep this meme alive — Quinn Is an Ambitious Tuncoat Looking Out Only for Her Own Political Gain — and it will eventually filter up to The Times. She’s not a Post banner headline name yet. But she will be.

  • Fascinated

    And speaking of The Times, how’s this for a lead?

    Pedicab Limit Withstands Mayor’s Veto

    Published: April 24, 2007

    New York City’s freewheeling pedicab industry will be regulated for the first time after a City Council vote yesterday to override a mayoral veto.

    Do you think Jonathan Hicks is deep into the “pedicab industry”? Or is he just a writer who couldn’t resist the above-average pun “freewheeling,” accuracy be damned?

  • Damian

    I just wrote a letter to my Council member, who voted in favor of the override. I encourage you all to do the same.

    It’s great to share ideas here, but remember, people on this forum are already on your side — you’re preaching to the choir. Vent your anger by writing letters to the papers and elected officials.

  • Also write to thank your council member if he/she voted against the override. We want to keep the good guys on our side.

    I wrote to my council member to voice my displeasure with his vote. (I contacted him beforehand as well, hoping to get him to vote against the override, no luck.) I also contacted Christine Quinn…although that will do little good.

  • someguy

    I’m very disappointed in Garodnick’s vote. He seemed like a great independent voice for alternative transportation in the Council. I hear that TA has 400-500 members in that area. I bet they are not too happy about this.


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