Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg Plan Expected to Call for Congestion Pricing (NYT, Post, Daily News)
  • Spitzer Proposes Ambitious Energy Initiative (NYT)
  • New Amtrak Service Could Boost ‘Sixth Borough’ (NY Sun)
  • Demolition Delayed: Facing Lawsuits, Ratner Will Wait for Ruling (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Closing Fifth Avenue for Atlantic Yards: Why So Soon? (Queens Ledger)
  • Neighbor vs. Neighbor on 9th St. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • RELATED: One Driver for 9th St. Bike Lane (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Heights Bridge to the Future? (Brooklyn Paper)
  • UK Warns Climate Change Could Threaten Global Security (Guardian)
  • City Bikes: Clean, Healthy, Fun — And Faster Than Cars? (Post Writers Group)
  • Cell Phone Tracking to Protect Peds? (Gizmag)
  • Animal Fat Diesel Riles Biorefiners (Autopia)
  • Parking Your Car Is Even Worse Than Driving It (Slate)
  • Parisians Use Second Life for City Planning (BBC)
  • v

    Hmmm…500 million, huh. Can we use it to buy a really nice ($3k) bike for everyone who commutes into Manhattan?