NYC on Alert for Motor Vehicle-Based “Noise Terrorism”

Speaking of automobile advertiser shamelessness, check out the marketing campaign that, reportedly, rolled through the Lower East Side last night at around 3:00 a.m. courtesy of Microsoft and Toyota:

According to reports from residents in Lower Manhattan, a California-tagged, Zune-branded SUV rolled through Ludlow Street during the "wee hours of February 25th," but rather than handing out flyers to the night-owls still roaming, the vehicle decided to test out its "competition grade stereo system" in a densely populated neighborhood. Described as an "egregious display of noise terrorism," the 3:00 am blasting from a Toyota FJ Cruiser didn’t garner the positive attention that the firm was apparently hoping for.

And if that’s not an obnoxious enough deployment of motor vehicle-based digital audio technology for you, there’s the HornTones FX550, "the first mobile audio device that allows you to customize the sound of your vehicle’s horn."

The chorus of this song would make for a great "HornTone."

  • Spud Spudly

    These guerilla marketing people really need to get their act together. When I lived downtown I had a great solution for that type of thing — a couple of well-placed eggs dropped in the direction of the offending automobile. It worked every time.

  • Aaron

    I’m trying to remember when plastering logos and product names all over a Hummer or International CXT began to be considered “guerrilla”. I thought it was that infamous celebration of non-polluting transportation, Critical Mass, that they deemed guerrilla and oppositional these days, not the consumption of DRM-encumbered electronic junk. I suppose I’d need to be living in more of a car culture to appreciate this phenomena. Oh wait.. I am.

    Is there a reason why they send these offensive vehicles to Manhattan and particularly the Lower East Side, though, as opposed to more suburban venues where the lemmings might possibly be impressed? The contradiction of a product-pushing Hummer parked in close proximity to a community garden or squat is just a little too much for me to handle.

    I remember when Puma was sponsoring some bike messenger events and their confused marketing department parked a logo-plastered Hummer outside a bar where people were having an after-party. Then Adidas had an idling International CXT (find one on google images if you’re looking for a real fright) outside of their store at Broadway and Houston for a week or two last summer. How athletic.

    For me at least, and the apparently-small minority I represent, “competition grade” sound systems and SUVs usually send a clear signal that I should avoid a product, not buy it. As person who cycles every day, SUVs are quite hazardous to my health. But hey, they wouldn’t continue to do this stuff if it didn’t sell products, right?

  • Aaron

    Oh. Here it is! The Adidas CXT

    They said it.. “Monstrous”

  • ddartley

    So Cartoon Network tries some silly street marketing stunt and some people look at the work and think “terrorism!”

    I wonder what they think when they see this stuff.


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