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  1. It’s like

    smoking ads next to a study on lung cancer

    alcohol ad next to a case of drunken spousal abuse.

    When will we start treating cars the public health threat they are?

  2. Airlines pull all advertising from newspaper editions that report on plane crashes. Automakers don’t have that luxury because they’d be pulling their advertising every day.

  3. If advertisers paid more attention like the airline industry, we wouldn’t have half as many laughs at their expense.

  4. This can’t be compared to smoking ad beside lung cancer. Toyota is a more acceptable ads, and to be placed on top of that article is really unthinkable.

  5. In Marketing it doesn’t matter if it’s a good or a bad news, as long as the people still have the name in their heads.

  6. The article in the background was an article about my next door neighbor who died because a car hit her. She was a very nice lady and the man who hit her said he was going no faster than 10 mph. the car was a bmw.

  7. I saw a picture of the car afterwards, and I have to say, those toyota’s can really take a beating without denting. LOL

  8. I used to work at a newspaper and got in trouble once by not realizing I ran a full page ad for a smoke shop on the same page as the obituaries.

  9. Nowadays websites put advertisements like this and we cannot read the article without clicking on the image or moving the image. This is exactly like they do it.Truly Hilarious.

  10. May I recommend the Flashblock extension for Firefox? Flash stuff doesn’t start unless you click on a little Flash logo that appears in place of the Flash object.

  11. Intrusive indeed – let alone slowing down my browser and starting unwanted audio tracks at max volume.

    Kinda wish it could be blocked somehow..

  12. May I recommend the Flashblock extension for Firefox? Flash stuff doesn’t start unless you click on a little Flash logo that appears in place of the Flash object.

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