Meeting Tonight on Westside Greenway Bike Safety

Photo: Metrolens

Will of On NY Turf is urging people who care about bike safety on the Hudson River Greenway to attend tonight’s meeting of Manhattan Community Board 4’s Transportation Committee. Less than a month after a drunk driver leaving a party at Chelsea Piers drove onto the Hudson River Greenway and killed cyclist Eric Ng,
Chelsea Piers may be proposing to cut another driveway across the bike path for access to the sports center’s parking lot. Chelsea Piers will be making a presentation to CB4’s Transportation Committee tonight. The Community Board and the Hudson River Park Trust have not yet seen any plans from Chelsea Piers so, at this point, it is unclear what exactly will be presented this evening. In June, Dr. Carl Nacht was also killed on his bicycle at a location where NYPD tow trucks cut across the Greenway.

Tonight, Weds. 12/20, 6:30 pm.

Manhattan Community Board 4
330 W. 42nd Street bet. 8/9 Aves., 26th floor.

Not that this has much of anything to do with anything but here is a photo of Chelsea Piers owner Roland Betts hanging with a good friend, former Yale classmate and fraternity brother at Betts’ Jackson Hole, Wyoming residence:

  • What is the meaning of the stripes on the pants of the, uh, rancher with the brown jacket?

  • P

    Ooh, low blow. You know how to gin up a protest.

    Wanna bet that the sweatpants have the ‘Official Seal of the President of the United States’? Alternately, they might be a tribute to the late Chief Justice Rehnquist.

  • lady of steel

    That’s actually Skull and Bones Sportswear ™ made from a patented weave of 10% lycra, 60% cotton, and 30% shorn pubic hair from the late great William Howard Taft

  • JK

    Readers may be interested to know that during the design of the Hudson River Greenway in the early to mid 1990’s, the politically connected Mr. Betts was adamant about having a very wide access roadway — and resulting very narrow greenway path– on the East side of the Piers. Numerous members of the public protested in public hearings, and in written statements, that this would result in dangerous and unpleasant crowding on the path.

    The creation of yet another motor vehicle access across the heavily used greenway is hard to reconcile with the City’s purported new commitment to cycling. Many of the on-street lanes, though welcome, are on already calm streets, and are far less important than redesigning or eliminating the crossings that endanger thousands of cyclists and pedestrians on the greenway. The members of the Hudson River Park Trust appointed by the mayor should strongly oppose any additional motor vehicle crossings/drives/slipways on the path. The city could demonstrate a real committment to cycling by working to reduce the number of vehicle crossing points.

  • jk

    Could someone post the results of the CB 4 meeting here?

  • lady of steel

    passed a reso in favor of city council intro #199.
    false alarm on the crossing: turns out all CP wants to do is change the direction on one of their existing access streets. But CP and others are on notice: additional greenway crossings will not go uncontested.

  • JK

    Thanks Lady.

    So,was there also a discussion of greenway safety? Did the board tell CP it was concerned about current conditions?

  • For those who (like me) forgot, intro 199 is “A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to modifying department of transportation performance targets and indicators towards the goal of reducing traffic congestion citywide.”

  • Bike rider, very light so they are the one who would be targeted, sorry for them


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