NASCAR Parade Rolls Through Midtown This Morning


The top 10 NASCAR drivers drove a "victory lap" around Midtown Manhattan this morning as a part of "Championship Week." While Streetsblog would like to interpret this as an elaborate promotion for the creation of a congestion relief zone, it seems more likely that this is more about selling spaghetti sauce, laundry detergent and mayonnaise and getting a new race track built on Staten Island.

If you snapped photos send them to Streetsblog.

Photo: Seth Taylor, Monday 11/27/06

  • urbanite

    Holy Cow, 10 motorists were violating traffic laws for a series of city blocks. They should be arrested un the new NYPD parade laws.

  • MediaAvid

    They probally had a permit.

  • I prefer the graffiti covered delivery trucks of the bowery. If I’m going to look at advertisements on a vehicle I’ll take CLAW and TAKI over Ragu and Hellmann’s any day. Thanks for explaining what this was all about! I thought I was seeing things.

  • ddartley

    I saw them in Times Square on my commute home (after seeing a bunch of their SUVs on my lunch hour).

    I heard some horribly loud engine gunning as I rode down Broadway, and then when I passed all the attending trucks (sitting in the bike lane), I saw the cars.

    Reflexively, I yelled to the crowd of ogling pedestrians, “Thermal pollution! Noise pollution! Air pollution! New York has enough! No NASCAR in Staten Island!” They looked up, probably thinking, “aww, look at the cute lunatic.”

  • Awesome timing! Organizing a car parade on a day when midtown traffic is already worse than usual, and the same day at the tree lighting in Rock Plaza. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Give these guys a Special Olympics medal and send them back to the South, or wherever they came from.

  • Don’t knock the south, yankee.


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