Streetfilms Portland Week: Older Adults Bicycle Program


Portland’s Older Adults Bike Program
A Clarence Eckerson Street Film
Running time: 3:37
Download: 17.37 MB

The Portland Office of Transportation recently launched a new program to re-introduce older adults to bicycling. Many of the participants haven’t ridden bikes in over 50 years.


Streetfilms: The Case for Bicycle Boulevards in NYC

We’ve seen lots of new, innovative bikeway designs appear on New York City streets over the past few years. But there’s one very promising concept we haven’t seen — bicycle boulevards. Bicycle boulevard design uses a variety of techniques to create low-traffic, low-speed streets where cyclists mix comfortably with cars. They’re very popular in Portland […]

Cambridge: Britain’s Cycling Capital

In the city of Cambridge, just about an hour’s train ride north of London, you’ll find lots of people bicycling. In fact, the official bike mode share is 22 percent, but advocates believe it’s even higher and could comprise up to 50 percent of all trips in the city center. More than protected bike lanes, the key to Cambridge’s success has been the […]