Irritated subway riders can now turn their frustration into poetry. Vent Your Inspiration calls on riders to compose poems about what they want to improve about the subway system and what they appreciate about the MTA. Contestants have until Monday, November 20 to send in their work. The MTA totally stole this idea.


  • Clarence

    At the very least
    Aaron deserves royalties
    or a Metro card

  • How can I explain to them that the thing I want most is more graffiti?

  • The Buff is Murder
    By Susan Murray

    How the cars could sing
    dressed in scraps of red!
    Illuminated words in aqua,
    green and gold, blue and yellow.

    Graffiti laughs off that old work-a-day shuffle.
    Superstars ride instead, wrapped in signatures.

    But, now they namelessly clatter,
    wheels to the grindstone, dead,
    drab grey, all buffed and blank and
    so brutally sanitized.

    A few more drafts are required…

  • someguy

    Having gone to a tribute to Allen Ginsberg poetry reading last night, I appreciate your rebellious sentiment, futurebird 😉

  • Jon

    That graffiti ART looked sick…


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