Above the Law: Parking Permit Abuse Study Released


Transportation Alternatives has released a study of parking permit abuse among New York City employees (as observed in nine neighborhoods). Their press release notes the study’s key findings:

  • Citywide, more than 3 out of every 4 permit holders (77%) use their permits illegally.
  • The NYPD is responsible for 46% of illegal permit abuse, by far the largest share from any single agency.
  • Of valid permits used illegally at the curbside (i.e. illegally parking at signs with riders forbidding that particular permit’s usage), the NYPD is responsible for 63% of the abuse.
  • Of permit abuse that caused safety hazards, such as blocking fire hydrants, parking on sidewalks, in crosswalks, intersections, and bus stops, the NYPD again leads the way with 61% of overall abuse.
  • Court Officers are responsible for the majority of fraudulent permits with 54% of the total, followed by Corrections, Court Clerks, and the FDNY.

See Transportation Alternatives’ website for the press release (pdf) and the full report (larger pdf), where the above photo appears.

  • concerned citizen

    Just to give a sense of what we’re up against here, read this passage of the full report (p.11):

    During the course of the study, every one of Transportation Alternative’s 22 surveyors was questioned and asked for ID (two were detained briefly) by law enforcement officers looking out for their own interest and ensuring “courtesy” for others.

    This seems like something that needs to be enforced by an outside agency, perhaps Internal Affairs. It would certainly seem that permit abuse would be a gateway form of corruption to other more serious offenses.

    Here is the mission statement of the Internal Affairs office:

    The Internal Affairs Bureau is charged by the Police Commissioner with the institutional accountability, implementation and maintenance of the Department’s anti-corruption programs. IAB acting as a guardian of the Department’s reputation, is a police Bureau of unparalleled integrity that is thoroughly and effectively intolerant of corruption throughout its ranks. It is the investigator of complaints of serious misconduct and allegations of corruption.

    Email them the TA report at IAB [at] NYPD.ORG.

  • its a shame

  • Mike

    Low pay getting shot at, stabbed, and seeing things that some people will run away screaming. Don’t you think we can give them a little something back like free parking wow you people are Unbelievable

  • garth

    Free parking and illegal parking are not the same thing Mike. What other laws can cops ignore because they have a hard job?

  • Mike – Frankly, I’d like to give critical civil servants (police, fire, etc) better pay, subsidized housing closer to their jobs, free metrocards and whatever other tools they need to do their job – as well as an opportunity for a rational parking policy that doesn’t force them to break the law so consistently.


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