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  • AD

    More people walk than take the LIRR, Metro-North and NJ Transit combined? I’d find that hard to believe … if I didn’t walk myself. Is PATH counted as “subway”? Is the Newark subway?

  • podsednik

    That graphic is a little misleading, if one fails to consider that according to the Times article the “metropolitain region “by the federal government’s definition, includes the city and 18 surrounding counties in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.”

    So yeah, most people in Pennsylvania don’t take a subway to work.

  • The Census data usually breaks this out differently, breaking out carpoolers from individual car commuters and usually combines train, bus, subway into one “mass transit”. This layout makes automobile seem much bigger than I’m used to.

    Ranked in order of “Environmentally Friendly”, here is my list:

    1. Work at home (very low impact commute!)
    2. Walk / Bike
    3. Subway/Railroad
    4. Bus
    5. Carpool
    6. Drive alone