Street Quotes: Post-Labor Day Re-Acclimation

Overheard on Sunday afternoon in Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn where a boy of about  five years of age waited impatiently to cross the street with his mother:

"You’ve got to be very careful, honey. We’re not in Nantucket anymore. People here don’t stop for little boys to cross the street."

  • Sean

    Spent last week in Telluride, Colorado, where there are packed bike racks at nearly every corner, the little bit of car traffic in the main business district moves very slowly, and a main way of getting around are the free gondolas.

    (It’s not all idyllic. Workers can’t afford to live in town so traffic on the two-lane road into town crawls during rush hour.)

  • Actually most of Mass. has great pedestrian crossing street infrastructure. Pedestrians get mid-block crossings without a stop light or stop sign that give them legal priority over cars at ALL times. And the signs clearly say they have priority legally over cars.


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