Big Car, Small… Ego.

Slate’s Seth Stevenson asks a GM spokesperson to help him understand the new Hummer ad campaign:

The spot aims to make the H3 a more "approachable vehicle that will appeal to
introverts, extroverts, vegans, and carnivores." She’s right that we wouldn’t
expect a tofu eater to buy a Hummer. But at the same time, the spot reinforces
the central, classic stereotype about Hummer drivers: They buy big cars because
they have small…egos

 More on Hummer Envy at Sierra Club Compass.


Hummer Going the Way of the Dodo

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A Hummer With Your Happy Meal

Autoblog reports: Starting today, one of eight toy Hummers will be packed in McDonald’s "boy’s" Happy Meals. Unlike the real Hummer which get 11 miles per gallon on a good day, these vehicles are "fun-fueled," according to the General Motors press release.

Don’t Ask Me About My Hummer

  From the political left, concern is growing about global warming. From the political right, concern is growing about the United States funding both sides on the war on terror. Health officials worry about a national epidemic of obesity and high urban asthma rates, urbanists are concerned with degraded, atrophied public spaces. Slowly but perceptibly, people of all political persuasions are waking […]