Today’s Headlines

  • I saw that cabbie/fire truck story in Gothamist too. That’s a tricky one–who’s fault is it? I’m going to go with the fire truck, especially given the following: “a police source told the Daily News, ‘He [the cabbie] may have been driving behind a larger vehicle and changed lanes to get around and ran smack into the parked vehicle.'” Doesn’t really sound like the cabbie did anything wrong.

    Double parking, and parking in bike lanes is something I see ALL the time. Parking in bike lanes drives me particularly crazy, and it’s too bad I’m not very confrontational, since I would LOVE to scream at people “This is a bike lane, not a parking lane!” (Actually, I have done it while biking, since I can get away from them quickly.)

  • I don’t know. Sounds like the cabbie was driving like an idiot, to me.

  • The people that really deserved to be yelled at are so-called “Traffic Enforcement Agents” who cruise in the bike lane to look for parking violations from expired meters. When they find one, they sit there double parked. A walking agent would be much more efficient.

  • Oh, and here was my reply to Steve Dunleavy’s Kamakazi Jerks article:

    Dear NY Post Editor

    Steve Dunleavy should be ashamed of himself for basically saying in his article that he wished he had killed a cyclist as he exited a cab. Mr. Dunleavy probably did not even look out the window before opening the door to the cab to ensure there was no cyclist. It seems in Mr. Dunleavy’s sociopathic world, just getting in his way, no matter how irresponsible his own behavior, carries a death sentence.

  • moxieb

    Glenn – thanks for writing something! Wish I had, but couldn’t quite articulate my anger and frustration that Dunleavy’s views are being read by thousands.

    A few weeks ago, I was biking to work along Avenue B — going fairly quickly, but with low-traffic and more than enough space for a car to pass me. Instead, a guy in a white Cavelier yelled “Get the f*#$ off the road” and followed me, from 6th street to 10th, blaring his horn.

    Thanks Mr. Dunleavy, for encouraging other great driving like that guy.

  • Clarence

    My letter to Mr. Dunleavy (I know many people who sent ones)

    To The Post,

    Regarding Steve Dunleavy comments about it being too bad he failed in trying to kill a cyclist with a taxi door…

    I am too much of a human being to stoop to his ignorant, illogical, and mailicous level, but I will chime in with this:

    If Mr. Dunleavy does door and injure a cyclist in the future, it is nice to know that by putting his feelings on public record that someone will be able to add a few millions to their future settlement.

    Mr. Dunleavy is now on notice. He should be very careful opening those taxi doors.

    Clarence Eckerson Jr.
    Brooklyn, NY

  • NY Post did not publish any letters to the editor about Dunleavy’s article today. I hope they will tomorrow.