Bus Stop. Hamburg, Germany

What it looks like when a city decides that bus riders can and should have a first-class transportation system.  


Real-time bus schedule information:


Detailed, up-to-date, thougtfully-designed timetables and route maps:


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  • A bus and train information system like that would be one of the best quality of life enhancers in NYC. People would evaluate their trainsit options with hard information, not just guesses at the reliability of the printed information on the pole.

    We live in the information age and yet our bus and train information system is trapped in the 1950s.

  • So I do.


Bus Bulbs Useless Without Enforcement

A story about the new bus bulbs on Lower Broadway in the New York Times highlights the role that enforcement will have to play if DOT’s plan to make the boulevard more bus-friendly is to work. (Bus Rapid Transit, of course, will face similar issues when it rolls out later this year.) The story points […]