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Tuesday’s Headlines: It’s Definitely Not Monday Edition

12:04 AM EDT on May 31, 2022

These long, languorous, stay-in-New-York-City-because-it's-awesome-when-all-the-cars-leave weekends can really wear you out. We played lots of hockey, went to the beach, enjoyed lots of vacant curbside space and even saw a few celebrities, like this mini FDNY vehicle that we hope to see more of:

Photo: Gersh Kuntzman
Photo: Gersh Kuntzman
Photo: Gersh Kuntzman

But it's easy to be confused. So remember as we start our week, it's Tuesday, not Monday — and here's the news (some of it is definitely in the in-the-very-likely-event-that-you-missed-this category:

    • First of all, don't listen entirely to the New York Times — Rockaway Beach (well, at least east of Beach 86th Street) was glorious yesterday (if you were wise enough to go to Beach 67th instead of waiting for the S at Broad Channel with all the hipsters).
    • Many facets of the NYPD's failure to care for the most vulnerable are visible in this sick tweet from the 113th Precinct over the weekend. We can all agree that people who are living in the street need better options, but their lives are a lot more important than "more parking space for the neighborhood." Also: "This is what we do" as a hashtag? Not a good look (and, indeed, on Tuesday, it appears that the tweet was deleted — good thing we have a screenshot, below):
    • bad nypd tweet on homelessMeanwhile, cops in Prospect Park set up a checkpoint to nab cyclists. (Via Twitter)
    • Jon Orcutt of Bike New York and Kate Slevin of Regional Plan Association argued in a foolishly buried Daily News op-ed in favor of the QueensWay.
    • The Times also did what only the Times does — a full-on team report on the devastating impacts of summer on poorer New Yorkers (though only Hell Gate pointed out that adult lap swim has been eliminated!).
    • And Wired did what only Wired could do — a full-on investigation into the life of the operator of the autonomous Uber that killed an Arizona pedestrian. The story is richly reported and doesn't come to the conclusion everyone expects.
    • Meanwhile, the Post did what it does: a silly story about how the Staten Island Ferry is apparently sexy again.
    • Kevin Duggan at amNY followed our similar press-release rewrite job about the MTA's new pedestrian and cyclist access panel.
    • A Brooklyn senior was killed when two cars collided and one of them hit him. (NYDN, NY Post)
    • And an MTA bus driver struck and killed an e-bike rider in far eastern Queens. (NY Post)
    • The MTA, highlighting crime as always, wants more protection for its workers. (NY Post)
    • Meet the Sanitation Department's resident artist. (NY Times)
    • And, finally, we were going to link to Ezra Klein's very solid, pro-infrastructure piece in the Times even before our friend Charles Komanoff linked it to other issues, too:

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