Cyclist: Cop Used Trump’s ‘Go Back Where You Came From’ When I Complained About Him Blocking a Bike Lane

The Instagram photo in question.
The Instagram photo in question.

Make America hate again.

A Brooklyn cop paraphrased President Trump’s hate-filled demand that foreigners “go back” to where they came from in an unhinged interaction with a cyclist who confronted the cop this week for parking in a painted bike lane.

In the cyclist’s initial Instagram post about the incident, they* said they approached the officer only because he was parked unsafely and illegally in the bike lane on Washington Park, the street on the eastern side of Fort Greene Park, on Monday at around 4:45 p.m., forcing the cyclist to maneuver into traffic.

go back cop two shot

“When I asked whether it was courtesy, professionalism or respect (to explain the blocking the bike lane), the officer replied over his PA that I should ‘Go back to where I came from,'” the cyclist posted on Instagram. “When I turned around to ask him whether I’d heard him correctly, he threatened to ticket me for going the wrong way.”

The cyclist reiterated to the officer that it’s illegal to park in the bike lane, but the officer repeated the Trumpian demand that the cyclist “go back” to where they came from. (The cyclist is from upstate New York.)

The cyclist has reported the incident to the Civilian Complaint Review Board, based on the belief that the cop was citing Trump in a manner befitting the president: to sow hate and divisiveness.

“It’s certainly how I felt it,” the cyclist said. “And the fact he used it twice. The first time was over his PA system, broadcast up the street.”

The bike rider admitted that in the overall scheme of things, the cop’s treatment is “sooooo minor compared to that inflicted on many fellow humans,” but could not simply ignore the cop’s taunt.

“The hate-fueled rhetoric is so endemic that people think it, well, trumps the ethics and mores of their role,” the cyclist wrote.

In an interview with Streetsblog, the cyclist said they are “particularly sensitive at the moment given the 19 cyclists death this year.”

“Every.single day, I see cops breaking the law,” the cyclist added. “For example, I reported a school safety officer for being parked in the bike lane especially as it was the middle of the summer [and] she was blocks from the nearest school. She nearly hit me in her haste to get away from my taking a picture of her scofflaw act.”

The NYPD declined to comment.

* Streetsblog is using the pronouns “they/their” to conceal the cyclist’s gender. The cyclist’s Instagram account is private.

  • Joe R.

    I would be perfectly fine with cops occasionally blocking, or even driving in, bike lanes when they’re on call. I’m fine being momentarily inconvenienced in a situation where seconds count for the officers and whoever they’re helping.

    I’m not fine with cops not only habitually parking in bike lanes, especially when they’re not on call, but also giving cyclists tickets for riding outside the bike lane when those cyclists try to go around the police car. It would like the cops parking on a sidewalk, then giving pedestrians jaywalking tickets when they enter to street to go around the car.

    If cops want to block a fire hydrant while they get donuts, I’m fine with that, too. They’re not endangering me. Letting cops park illegally, so long as they’re not creating a hazard by doing so, isn’t something I have a big problem with.

  • neroden

    Next time, a militia needs to be sent to arrest this criminal cop.

    The NYPD can’t police itself. It’s turned into a crime gang and someone needs to start throwing them in prison.

    It’s documented that when a sherriff or police chief really lays down the law and fires cops for committing crimes — fires them reliably and consistently, with no police union garbage, and if the police union fights, crushes the police union — then the dirty cops will quietly leave and move to other more corrupt jurisdictions.

    Unfortunately, most police chiefs ARE the dirty cops. So this doesn’t usually happen.

  • neroden

    You should be able to file a criminal report against the cop for kidnapping and assault, and then issue a summons. The problem is the DAs. The DAs are supposed to be putting these cop criminals in prison, and the DAs let them get away with it.

    For reference, the mayor and every city council member has the personal power of arrest. I think some of them should start organizing posses to arrest criminal cops, because *someone* has to.

    Perhaps the most important thing to do is to win some DA elections on the shut-down-the-NYPD-crime-gang platform. Because that’s what they are: the biggest crime gang in NY. When they went on “strike”, the crime rate plummetted, because the NYPD *were* the criminals.

  • neroden

    Yeah, but almost all NYPD cops are criminals. Most of them are petty criminals who just belong in prison; some cops are serious criminals (murderers, rapists, kidnappers) who do deserve to die. I know there are a few good cops, mostly rookies, but you know how it works: one bad apple spoils the whole bunch, and the NYPD is rotten to the core. All the good cops get forced out. Ask Serpico and Schoolcraft.

  • neroden

    The only way to start holding individual criminal police officers responsible is to report their NAMES, PHOTOS, and BADGE NUMBERS in public, to crowdsource the necessary criminal investigation.

    The criminal activity of these gang members has to be tracked. The database on the criminal cops needs to be run by someone with personal security guards, since these are dangerous gang members with guns who are known to murder.

    That can be funded, however. This is possible.

  • neroden

    At this point, cops are committing more murders than any other group.

  • neroden

    If the NYPD were actually doing one god-damned thing to keep the city safe, that would be nice.

    Instead, as is documented here, far too much of the NYPD spend their time making the city UNSAFE. Explicitly. Reckless driving, obstructing sidewalks and bike lanes and forcing pedestrians into the street — it’s killing a lot of innocent people. Then there’s the harassment, threats, kidnapping, and occasional murders (like Eric Garner).

    We would be safer with no NYPD at all. They appear to be the major CAUSE of crime in New York City at this point.

    I think police are a good idea. But corrupt police are a really terrible idea. And that’s what you have in NYC. Corrupt police.

  • neroden

    If we followed the London system, where police are prohibited from carrying firearms unless they’re part of a special “armed response team” with special training and a gun in a locked compartment in their car, we’d be in much better shape.

  • neroden

    Corrupt cops keep “plant” guns to leave at the scene when they murder unarmed civilians.

  • neroden

    The NRA first supported gun control, then opposed gun control based entirely on racism. That is the history.

    The Black Panther Party actually got their constitutional history right. The purpose of the Second Amendment was specifically to allow local neighborhood organizations like the Black Panther Party to protect themselves from thuggish armed government officials — I studied the entire history dating back to before the English Bill of Rights and back to the conflicts between the King and Parliament.

    But of course, they were black, so they couldn’t be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights. :sigh:

  • neroden

    The critical thing is the District Attorneys, who hold the keystone role in this entire system of corruption. They are the ones who let criminal cops commit crimes, while prosecuting innocent people, and they have invented a phoney legal doctrine called “absolute immunity” to let themselves off scot free for any criminal behavior at all.

    * Absolute immunity needs to be banned by statute, and banned constitutionally. DAs need to be liable for corrupt decisions of whot to prosecute and who not to prosecute

    * The DA monopoly on prosecutions needs to be eliminated. England still has private prosecutions; if the Crown Prosecutor doesn’t prosecute, a charitable organization can prosecute. This keeps the DAs honest. This is still on the books in the US but judges have corruptly been preventing it from happening.
    * We have to replace the DAs through elections, with DAs who understand that their top duty is to arrest corrupt government officials, such as criminal cops.
    * Likewise, chiefs of police need to be elected or appointed who understand that police must be *more* law-abiding than other citizens, and NOT less so.
    * The police unions need to be outlawed. There is no justification for police to have a union; it is as unjustifiable as a “judges union” or a “congressman’s union”. If they have the power of arrest, it is critical to make it possible for them to be fired as soon as they lose the public trust. Like judges, they must not only *be* impartial, they must *appear* impartial, so it is essential that they be fired for the *appearance* of corruption even if they are not corrupt. This is not compatible with unionization.

  • neroden

    One way to do it within a legal framework is for the mayor and city council to remember their power of arrest, and use it to arrest criminal cops. Then elect DAs on a specific platform of cleaning up the NYPD, and start throwing those cops in prison.

    Of couse we have to have a database of anonymously reported camera footage of cops commiting crimes too. How else wil lthe mayor know who to arrest? But even Streetsblog seems afraid to actually report the names of the perps in blue. Which they should.

  • Tomas Paine

    “We would be safer with no NYPD at all. They appear to be the major CAUSE of crime in New York City at this point.”

    You people are f*cking bike worshipping FANATICS.

    Why does NYC get stuck with all these Midwestern rejects. Can’t you go to Seattle or something?

  • Tomas Paine

    You are a maniac.

  • Tomas Paine

    Read James Q. Wilson and George Kellering.

  • Vooch

    I find simply taking photos of the prowl car , usually gets the criminals to move.

  • Vooch

    agreed – 95% of NYPD should not be allowed to carry weapons

  • Joe R.

    The bike hate is also being encouraged by people like our mayor who repeatedly buy into the meme that cyclists in general are scofflaws. That’s especially true with his ongoing crackdown on e-bikes. Don’t think people don’t pick up on this, then use it as an excuse to run cyclists off the road, throw stuff at them, etc.

  • You shouldn’t have parked in front of that fire hydrant.

  • Several times a week cops park in the bus lane in front of the Dunkin Donuts on 5th Ave just south of 9th St in Park Slope so that they can buy doughnuts.

    It is so incredibly lazy, because the Dunkin Donuts is at the front of the bus stop, which is heavily used by elderly and disabled people, and then the bus has to stop in the street and further block traffic. There are usually spaces all around, or they can move up and block the hydrant just past the bus stop.

    This is the kind of cop behavior that grinds my gears – the kind that Joe R is talking about.

    Here’s a tweet that shows them coming out of DD on one such day.

  • petercow

    The use of the Oxford comma means that Yonkers was not included in ‘counties’.

  • petercow

    And believe me, where they live in Rockland or Nassau, they’d never tolerate this shit.

  • petercow

    Unless you’ve lived in NYC longer than 50 years, I’ve lived here longer than you. My brother was an ADA.

    This behavior/corruption by the cops, erodes support for law enforcement – are you really too stupid to see that?

    The people on these boards are hardly ‘hoodlums’ – but when this is your more-often-than-not interaction with the police, then the police lose these people as ‘allies’.

    Then the cops bitch how they don’t get respect.

    Those who demand respect, give respect.

  • Isaac B

    I perceive this as a problem nationwide, probably more so outside NYC.

  • Isaac B

    NB: DeBlasio is who he is, but the same people who hate cyclists also hate him, so I don’t see him as directly contributing to the hateful situation.


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