Friday’s Headlines: This is What Drivers Think of Cyclists Edition


Enjoy the weekend. Here’s your news:

  • Here’s a video posted on Reddit by a cyclist who claims he was doored — and it shows that at the very least, drivers should be psychologically tested before getting permission to pilot a killing machine.
  • We love stories about entitled drivers who abuse HOV lanes by putting a dummy in the passenger seat, but this one takes the cake (Newsday) — and it also raises the question: Shouldn’t there be an extra penalty for the attempt to deceive?
  • The New York Law Journal (paywalled) offers a primer on legal underpinning of congestion pricing.
  • Carnage in Brooklyn (NYDN) as driver claims her brakes failed (yeah, failed to prevent her from driving the wrong way (NY Post).
  • OMNY is coming. (amNY)
  • Could this be when the mayor announces his bid? On Monday, de Blasio will rally for the Green New Deal at Trump Tower. His support for the environment at least provides him with a rationale — though, please, do us a favor and don’t drive to the rally! (NY Post)
  • The 7 train is getting better — just in time for that Met day game on May 23! (amNY)
  • And, finally, if you want to reduce, reuse and recycle, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer grant team wants to hear from you. (New York County Politics)


This is no way to get across a busy park. (Not shown — the last stretch when cyclists must dismount).

Monday’s Headlines: Weekend Ride Edition

It was quite a Sunday: A Santa ride in Jackson Heights, more pedestrian discrimination on the Upper East Side, and a memorial ride for a beloved pediatrician who was killed in Central Park because the Parks Department and the Central Park Conservancy don't care about cyclists. That, plus all the news.