Canarsie Cops are Some of the Most Reckless NYPD Drivers in Town

Police officers' private vehicles in front of the 69th Precinct in Canarsie. Photo: Ben Verde
Police officers' private vehicles in front of the 69th Precinct in Canarsie. Photo: Ben Verde

Canarsie residents, beware! Your police officers are some of the most reckless drivers in the city.

Streetsblog’s ongoing investigation into the private driving habits of NYPD officers and employees revealed that far more than half of vehicles affiliated with the Foster Avenue stationhouse have multiple serious moving violations on their records — and nearly 80 percent of the cars had at least one camera-issued moving violation.

As we have been doing for weeks, we ran the plates on vehicles parked in “Police-only” parking or parked illegally with department-issued placards near the 69th Precinct stationhouse and found 43 such cars. Of them:

  • 40 cars — 93 percent — had been ticketed at least once.
  • 34 cars — or 79 percent — had received at least one serious camera violation, such as speeding or running a red light.
  • 23 cars — or 53.5 percent — had received multiple serious moving violations.

That’s pretty bad, but not as bad as the s-cop-law kings at the 120th Precinct in Staten Island, where Streetsblog found 74 percent of the officers’ cars had been slapped with multiple serious moving violations. But the 69th Precinct’s recidivism number is alarming. At 53.5 percent, 69th Precinct cops get camera violation tickets at nearly three times the rate of regular New Yorkers, Streetsblog’s probe found.

And the 69th Precinct is still far worse than the citywide average. So far in this month-long series, Streetsblog has run the plates on 1,308 cars and found:

  • 1,006 cars — or 77 percent — had been ticketed.
  • 767 cars — or 58.6 percent — had received a camera-issued ticket for speeding or running a red light, the most serious moving violations.
  • 498 cop cars — 38 percent — had multiple serious moving violations.

full totals latestThe investigation began last month after Mayor de Blasio announced that he wanted to build or lease more parking for police officers, who currently park on sidewalks or in other illegal areas thanks to their department-issued placards. The mayor’s plan to get cop cars out of sight had a downside, however: studies show that city employees are far more likely to drive to work if they are know they have a reserved space waiting for them.

So if more cops are expected to drive to work as a result of the mayor’s parking spot perk, we examined what kinds of drivers these officers are. The results — accessed through the Howsmydrivingny database of all parking and camera summonses — prove that the people sworn to protect our neighborhoods are often the very people from whom our neighborhoods need to be protected.

That includes a cop’s car in Park Slope with 53 serious moving violations on his record, a cop on the Upper East Side with 41 serious moving violations, and scores of cops with double-digit moving violations.

The NYPD has not responded to repeated requests for information about whether it is tracking these repeat recidivists. A pending bill by Council Member Brad Lander would allow authorities to impound any vehicle with more than five camera-issued tickets in any 12-month period — and if that bill was law, many officers would not be able to drive to work, records show. Lander’s bill would not exempt cops.

The rogues gallery at the 69th Precinct includes:

  • One cop with 33 tickets total, including 14 serious violations — enough to get the car impounded under Lander’s bill.
  • One cop with nine serious moving violations — also enough to get the car impounded under Lander’s bill.
  • One cop with eight serious moving violations.
  • One cop with six serious moving violations.
  • Seven cops with four  — one of whom had all four since Jan. 11, 2019.
  • Seven cops with three — one of whom had all of them this year alone.

Here are some of the driving records in screenshots from Howsmydriving:

The cop with four speeding tickets this year.
The cop with four speeding tickets this year.


The cop with five speeding tickets and three red light tickets.
The cop with five speeding tickets and three red light tickets.


Here's a cop with 11 speeding tickets and one red light ticket since 2017.
Here’s a cop with 11 speeding tickets and one red light ticket since 2017.


The cop with eight speeding tickets and one red light ticket since 2015.
The cop with eight speeding tickets and one red light ticket since 2015.
  • William Lawson

    But but but according to a Staten Island resident on Facebook, “so what?” and “who ya gonna call when the illegal immigrant gangbangers get you?”

  • Fool

    Oh look! Evidence as to why Police Unions are against automated enforcement.

  • Jay

    Another way for Brad Lander to trash cops. He should be referred to as “Brad the Complainer Lander.” Lander consistently is out to lower the quality of life in the city to the same level as his native Chicago. Soon, shoppers will no longer be getting free shopping bags as Lander wants to tax them. The arrogant Lander dictates that we need to bring our own bags or pay a nickel each. Even kids will be forced to pay a nickel. How do shoppers know exactly how many bags we need before shopping? Most don’t go shopping with a car like Lander the Complainer. We shop on our way home from the subway, but then, Lander doesn’t take mass transit.

  • Joe R.

    My big issue with paying for bags is the way grocery stores pack stuff nowadays. Everything is double-bagged, even light stuff, and they don’t even try to use the full capacity of the bag. It’s like one or two items per bag. A regular shopping trip would find me paying $1 extra for bags more often than not. We could end a lot of the environmental issues with plastic bags not by taxing them, but by requiring store personnel to be trained in how to properly bag stuff. That means use the full capacity of the bag before you start on the next one, and only double bag heavy stuff. We should also train them how to properly give change. I’m tired of being handed the bills and receipt with change balancing on the top. Usually the change spills all over. Instead, put the receipt in one of the bags, give the change first, then the bills. That’s how most stores used to do it years ago. Or better yet avoid creating more paper waste and only give a receipt if the customer asks for one. Unless someone is taking a business deduction for food, most people don’t need grocery store receipts.

  • Ian Turner

    Charging for bags changes this behavior. Bags get thicker so you can put more stuff and don’t have to double bag. Customers demand it, and even in NYC’s famously noncompetitive grocery industry I believe competition will require it.

  • Joe R.

    I doubt it would happen without extensively retraining the cashiers. Today’s employees seem to be on autopilot where if you ask them to do anything even a little different from normal they either can’t or won’t.

  • Urbanely

    I think the reason they double bag everything and don’t use full capacity is because these bags are terrible. Most plastic grocery bags from fairway and stop and shop barely survive a 25 minute trip in the trunk of my car without getting holes in them. How does that even happen? I end up with lots of plastic that can’t even be reused to line the garbage pail because of the holes.

    As for receipts, as a black woman who has been accused of shoplifting when I did no such thing, I always take the receipts. I know I’m not the only one.

  • Leon

    I agree that all Lander does is complain and wants to end whatever quality of life which still remains from the Bloomberg years. If one thinks that plastic bags are not being filled to capacity, wait until we get the Cuomo paper bags, which will need to be doubled or tripled to hold items like milk, juice, soda, glass jars and whatever eles is heavy. Its arrogant creeps like Cuomo, Councilmen Lander, Chin, Espinal who apparently don’t shop without their fossil fueled cars telling us that we must change our life style, get used to not having free shopping bags whether its plastic, paper or whatever and just suck it up and get use to Cuomo’s dictates in order to save Cuomo’s political standing in the face of the child-like Ocasio-Cortez stupidity that the world will end in 12 years if we don’t get rid of plastic. We were all lucky that State Senator Felder was able to stop this war on plastic bags and prevent nickeling and diming us to death at the supermarket with bag fee two years ago. Perhaps, now that Felder just bailed out the Democrats on a badly needed vote, a return favor would be to reverse the ban on free plastic shopping bags at least in New York City’s 5 boros as most of us don’t do our shopping by car but rather on foot one our way home from work after getting off the subway. Obviously, outside the 5 boros, one can not shop without a car. All Cuomo could have done to save his political career in the face of Ocasio-Cortez was to institute better recycling of plastic bags along with educating the public to conserve our resources and to recycle.

  • Jay

    Its not that these plastic bags are terrible, they just have to be doubled, which is better than paper which needs to be tripled. This is nothing more than another way to collect more money from the public and its nonsense that it will help the environment. Cuomo, DeBlasio, Lander and others will just be using this as a form of creative bookkeeping: if the state budget called for $5 million in environment spending in 2018; in 2019 it will still call for another $5 million but this will now be funded from the Cuomo Nickel Bag Tax; environmental funding will not increase to $10 million so it sounds like a good idea but in reality, its another false promise by politicians who will use this extra money elsewhere like to cover the cost of their salary increase.

  • neroden

    Remember, these are criminal scofflaw cops. Lander wants to put criminal scofflaw cops in prison. Good for him.

  • neroden

    The NYPD seems to be a crime gang anyway. If you actually experience a crime, better to get together a posse. It was probably the NYPD who committed the crime, statistically speaking…