Crackdown? Cyclist Hurt by Rogue Private Carting Driver Hours Into NYPD Enforcement Effort

Photo: Franz Golhen
Photo: Franz Golhen

So much for the crackdown.

Hours after the NYPD announced an enforcement blitz on the rogue private sanitation industry, a cyclist was seriously injured by the driver of a Five Star Carting truck, the Daily News reported.

The 43-year-old cyclist was on Fifth Ave. near 47th St. at about 9:40 p.m. when the driver of the 50,000-pound truck hit him as he headed in the same direction, the newspaper reported. The driver remained on the scene and was not immediately charged, CBS2 reported.

The cyclist is being treated at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

The injury comes after the NYPD announced its weeklong crackdown on the private carting industry, which cops blame for 20 fatalities since 2016 — and four this year.

A call to Five Star Carting was not immediately returned.

  • William Lawson

    If the cyclist is reading this – SUE SUE SUE SUE SUE
    Sue them for everything you can get. The injury, the damage to your bike, loss of earnings, emotional distress etc. Get the most aggressive lawyer you can.
    The NYPD has all but decided, quite publicly, that they are not going to enforce the law and start charging these bastards. Which is what makes any claim of a “crackdown” more laughable. What’s the point of a crackdown on garbage truck owners and drivers, when you’re just going to let them injure and kill people without any legal consequence?
    Another thing I cannot stress enough is, if you’re a cyclist, START FILMING YOUR JOURNEYS. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a helmet cam or a camera that you clip onto the handlebars, there WILL come a time when you have to use the footage as evidence against one of these scum drivers. Even if it’s just a TLC hearing.

  • The real question is why isn’t there a bike lane at this location? Last year DOT declined to build a bike lane there and the city could be sued for negligence..


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