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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Tramell Thompson, a union activist who runs the Transport Workers Union Local 100 resistance group Progressive Action, on Tuesday posted a photo on his Facebook page of four MTA workers handing out flyers supporting Cuomo. He wrote in the photo caption that it was no different than “telling other slaves to promote a lynch party.”

    So the problem is transit workers aren’t well off enough relative to transit riders, who need to be made worse off. I guess we’ll have another strike for the 20/50 pension.

    “It’s even more sad to see our own members not educated enough on the damage Cuomo has done to our union through contracts (wages, health benefits) and tier 6 pensions.”

    For the TWU, unlike other workers, Tier 6 is a 25/55 pension, just like the prior Tier. No different — except that they are required to contribute to it, as were Tier IV workers before the “Giuliani for Senate” portion of the 2000 retroactive pension increase. I believe they are contributing 3 percent of pay for a pension that I estimate would cost 25 percent of pay — if it were not underfunded as a result of the 2000 deal — and currently costs more.

    I look forward to the rebuttal by the current TWU leadership and Governor Cuomo, explaining just how much worse off they have succeeded in making transit riders relative to the workers.

    For more detail on another group profiting similarly at the expense of the subway, see this post.

  • walks bikes drives

    Give Bruns a plea deal: 25-life. It is a slam dunk case.