Today’s Headlines

  • NYT: Let’s Cut Down on All Cars, Not Just Uber, on Crowded NYC Streets; Daily News: Same
  • NYPD Refuses to Release Legally Mandated Racial Breakdown of Fare Evasion Arrests (AMNY)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Critically Injures Woman in Simcha Felder‘s District (CBS2)
  • How Routine Maintenance on the D/N/R Turned Into a Massive MTA Own Goal (Voice, News, AMNY)
  • Communication Breakdowns Are Nothing New for the MTA (Curbed)
  • Don’t Get Snowed By the Uber PR Juggernaut (Gothamist, News, AMNY)
  • Two Thumbs Up for MTA’s New Access-a-Ride App, But Will It Scale? (NY1)
  • Gjonaj: Put Speed Measurement Signs Where Cameras Have Been Shut Off (Post)
  • Shared Electric Moped Fleets: Legal; Most Delivery E-Bikes: Still Illegal (Gothamist, News, Post, AMNY)
  • When He’s Not Running StreetsPAC, Eric McClure Is Looking Out for Bike Theft Victims (Bklyn Paper)
  • Actually, “Verrazano” Is Spelled With Only One Z (Bklyn Paper)

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  • J

    You missed this NYT article about Jump Bikes in the Bronx. A store owner from Arthur Ave is quoted as saying this should have been implemented years ago. Awesome!

  • sbauman

    A review of the “permanent” online schedules on the MTA’s developer website indicates there’s more to yesterday’s D/N/R mess. Moving the N to the local tracks between 59th and 36th Sts was supposed to start on June 23rd, according the the “permanent” online schedule that was issued on June 15th. There was another “permanent” schedule posted July 2nd. It also shows the N making local stops between 59th and 36th Streets. Clearly the service changes were a month late in being implemented.

    The supplemented schedule that I downloaded yesterday morning at 5:30am, shows the N trains skipping the local stops between 59th and 36th Sts between 8:26:30 and 21:44:30. The same supplemented schedule shows N trains stopping at these local stops for for the entire day on July 18th.

    There’s more than one disconnect on the schedules that developers can access.

  • Larry Littlefield

    To be fair, the availability of arrival time indicators does many this era of lousy service better than the last one.

    The bottom line is, you need to know the whole system to get where you are going. Because any part of it can stop working at any time. And you have to be prepared to walk a few miles from another line to get home.

  • AnoNYC

    The Bronx is pretty pro-bike (non-automotive transport in general) when compared to the rest of the city.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The whole city, outside Staten Island, Eastern Queens, Riverdale and a few neighborhoods on the southern rim of Brooklyn, is pro-bike.

    Their elected representatives and community board members? That’s another story.

  • Joe R.

    I see a fair number of bicycles in my area, so I doubt the anti-bike sentiment runs all that high in Eastern Queens.