Today’s Headlines

  • JSK and Lou Riccio: Pass the Speed Cam Bill Because We Can’t “Sign and Signal Our Way to Safety” (NYT)
  • Only Thing Standing in the Way of Speed Cam Extension Is a Couple of Senate Republicans (Advance)
  • EDC Freight Plan: $100M to Shift Truck Trips to Barge, Rail, and Air (Crain’s)
  • Four Years After Daniel Pantaleo Killed Eric Garner, NYPD Moves to Discipline Him (News, PostPolitico)
  • Lexington Line Crowding Down Big as Riders Switch to 2nd Ave Subway (News)
  • Yikes — Curved Track on 7 Extension Wore Down Flanges Until Trains Derailed (News)
  • Russianoff: What’s Holding the MTA Back From Reforming Access-a-Ride? (News)
  • Chin Intros Resolution Calling for Two-Way Toll on the Verrazano (Broadsheet)
  • Bklyner Surveys the Situation With Dockless Bike-Share and Citi Bike’s Lack of Expansion
  • The Wait for Their Plaza Is Finally Over for Myrtle Avenue Merchants (Bklyn Paper)

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  • redbike

    MTA Had to Fix Word-Down Flanges

    flanges were worn down

  • Larry Littlefield

    RE the Second Avenue Subway. If the purpose of the MTA were to provide transportation.

    Rather than to fill the $12 billion hole in private multi-employer union construction pension funds that resulted from retroactive pension increases for former construction workers who retired to Florida in the past 20 years and lower pension contributions to benefit construction companies on public and private projects alike. By overpaying for MTA projects. Something private construction is avoiding by going non-union.

    Then the second phase of the Second Avenue subway to 125th Street (which was supposed to be part of the first phase until Sheldon Silver blocked the project in an effort to get his backers paid somehow) would be built, soon, right away.

    BEFORE night and weekend shutdowns on the Lexington Avenue line to replace its signals under Byford’s subway action plan.

    This multi-employer pension thing is a big deal. Another way that Generation Greed, already so much better off than those to follow, is seeking to extract more than those to follow — by stealth. Instead of facing the issue head on, and asking how did we get here, who benefitted, and what is fair.

  • Fool

    Re: EDC freight plan.

    You mean the primary reason behind the creation of Port authority?

  • Larry Littlefield

    Meanwhile DeBlasio, we have money for everything other than mass transit used by serfs.

    Or should I say, money for everything other than the unions backing Cuomo’s Presidential run rather than the unions backing DeBlasio’s Presidential run, actual services optional.

    More than doubled, over 20 years, adjusted for inflation. Instructional wages and benefits per 20 students up to $332,000 in FY 2016, far more today. And in exchange we got a promise to provide the best schools in the country? Nope, a continued lawsuit demanding $billions more because those who work in the schools are cheated.

  • AnoNYC
  • J. Geoff Rove

    Mercers must pay per post on the Net.