Today’s Headlines

  • De Blasio and Byford Tussle Over Transit Funding (News, PoliticoAMNY, NYT, NY1, Post)
  • Lame Bus Priority on Williamsburg Bridge Shaping Up as Weakest Link in L Train Shutdown Plan (Voice)
  • One Year After Cuomo Declared a Subway Emergency, What Difference Did It Make? (Curbed)
  • Strong Words From the Mayor on Commercial Carting Reform (NY1)
  • Errol Louis: City Hall Has to Stick to Its Guns and Clean Up Rotten Trash Carting Industry (News)
  • Cabbies Rally for Uber Cap and Compensation Pegged to Standard Meter Rates (News)
  • Fight Escalates to Murder-By-Van Outside Staten Island Courthouse (NYT, Post)
  • New Traffic Light on Skillman Ave Won’t Do Nearly as Much for Safety as a Protected Bike Lane (QNS)
  • More on the Transit Platform Advocates Rolled Out for State Election Season (AMNY)
  • Chaim Deutsch Should Be a Bus Lane Booster (Bklyner)

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  • qrt145

    Yesterday I went through Central Park for the first time since it became car-free, and it was nice. I saw the restriping work going on. Unsurprisingly, it’s with the exact same design as previously, so any dreams of taking the opportunity to redesign the road now that it’s officially “car free” will have to wait years (since “hey, we just restriped, lets at least wait until the paint wears off!”)

    It was also interesting to see that the intersection of 6th Ave with Central Park South now has all lanes of 6th Ave designated as turn-only lanes. The two middled lanes used to be “turn or go straight” lanes (to go into the park). I’m afraid the NYPD will interpret this to mean that cyclists can’t go straight across Central Park South. They’ll probably say you must cross as a pedestrian; in my opinion, road designs that *require* cyclists to act as pedestrians are, let’s say, severely flawed…

  • Jesse

    Have they made any changes to the pedestrian crossings? Seems like a redesign there is in order. Maybe change the lights to flashing yellow / highly prominent restriping / maybe a raised crosswalk. Having cyclists stop on red when no one’s crossing there is ridiculous. At the same time, those crossings are where I’ve seen some of the worst cyclist behavior in terms of not yielding to pedestrians.

  • Jeff

    There’s a barnes dance phase now. When 6th Ave has the green, it’s green arrows left and right with do not walk signs for pedestrians.

  • Daphna

    It would have been great if once Central Park went car free, it were re-striped as a two-way bike road. There could be a yellow line right down the center with bi-directional biking and pedestrian space, as long as the car lane could be re-purposed instead of retained.