Take a Look at Lower Manhattan’s Newest Bikeway, Coming to Life on Park Row

The street has been mostly off-limits to the public since 9/11.

The new Park Row protected bike lane, facing east from Frankfort Street. Photo: Wiley Norvell/Twitter
The new Park Row protected bike lane, facing east from Frankfort Street. Photo: Wiley Norvell/Twitter

The new bikeway and sidewalk expansion on Park Row is coming to life.

Park Row has been mostly closed to pedestrians and cyclists, as well as motor vehicles, since after 9/11. In April, DOT began installing a two-way protected bike lane and 10,000 square feet of painted sidewalk between Worth Street and Frankfort Street.

The path will connect City Hall to Chinatown, and pass a staircase, soon to be reopened, to the Brooklyn Bridge promenade [PDF].

Some finish work remains to be done, but the bulk of the new bike lane is open for riding, City Hall spokesperson Wiley Norvell said on Twitter.

When complete, some tour bus companies may be allowed to use the street, but otherwise private motor vehicles will be prohibited.

Noel Hidalgo has been tracking construction of the bike lane on Twitter. This morning, he previewed the ride east from under the bridge, just east of Frankfort Street. Watch:

We’ll have more updates on this project as it comes together. Feel free to send your own pics to tips@streetsblog.org.

  • AMH

    This is good news. I made the mistake of trying to ride north on Centre Street recently, and nearly got funneled onto the Brooklyn Bridge. I asked a cop how to get to the other side to continue north, and of course he was a complete asshole about it. “It’s a free country, go this way or that way.” Never mind that “this way” was the wrong way on a one-way street, and the other way didn’t appear to offer any route around PP. The whole area is a confusing mess thanks to NYPD vehicles and barricades littering every street (and of course the decades-old destruction of Park Row/Centre St to turn the area into highway ramps). Just needed to rant. This is a small step in the right direction.

  • Going north from lower Manhattan is a nightmare. I can’t wait til we can do this!

  • William Farrell

    Was very excited to use this bike lane today, but was told by a cop that I couldn’t go through this morning, per DOT directive. Once open though, this will be a great alternate route between the Financial District and the Manhattan Bridge, for when the Brooklyn Bridge is overly crowded. Also opens up some great new lunch options in Chinatown!

  • clarknt67

    I too have been frustrated trying to get from Point A to Point B on my bike in this area. Glad they are addressing it.

  • BrandonWC

    I’m not positive this is what you’re talking about, but here’s the current legal way to go north on Centre from the two-way City Hall bike lane. Can’t wait for Park Row to open! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d108d81b1ae34608c356e3561f0a157a170c779e186f16be0f97f55659e0ab6.png

  • com63

    The police must get a tingly feeling seeing all of that open space where they could be parking. One person at the 1:00 mark couldn’t help themselves.

  • AMH

    That’s exactly it–I couldn’t find any of those bike lanes, and ended up following the blue arrow.


  • JL

    I love that it’s garnished with a sugar cube right in the middle. How’s that for foresight? What is wrong with those round pillars, we cyclists hate these white ones that look like foam blocks.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Bollards require a capital project to install. It’s much faster and cheaper to do it this way, though I wish they’d designed the sugar cube into the project and widened the bike path to flow fluidly around it.