Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo and Albany Fail to Enact Congestion Pricing in the Budget (NYT, Post, News)
  • It Just Got Harder for Cuomo to Blame Subway Troubles on de Blasio (News, AMNY, NY1, Post)
  • Cabbies Are Right — Taxi Tax Alone Won’t Curb Gridlock (NY1)
  • De Blasio Revisits the Idea of an “Uber Cap” (Crain’s, WNYC)
  • Remember When Boro Taxis Were the Future of For-Hire Cars in NYC? (Post)
  • Budget Deal Sets the Stage for Cuomo to Seize Land Around Penn Station (Politico)
  • Don’t Count on East Side Access Wrapping Up by 2022 (AMNY)
  • A Sanitation Industry That’s Fairer for Workers Will Be Safer for Everyone (News)
  • Cops ID Hit-and-Run Driver Who Killed Wally Dominguez March 19 (News)
  • How NYC Can Prevent Drivers From Ending Children’s Lives (NY Mag)

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  • reasonableexplanation

    The green boro cabs are not needed in the age of uber.

    Unless their stock stock increases greatly, you’re never going to be able to reliably hail a green cab on the street like you can a yellow cab in the city. It’s much easier and reliable to order an uber/lyft in the vast majority of the boros.

    They were a decent idea that got totally replaced by new tech.

  • JarekFA

    FHV tax:

    So dumb without congestion pricing. I want congestion pricing to be in effect at all times, but cheaper during off-peak hours like the weekend. It’s disgusting how Mayor “Climate Change” has absolutely no policies to reduce Aggregate Miles Travelled and instead just sets policy based on inertia, despite a lot of talented people at DOT.

    To wit, this Easter Sunday: My family took advantage of the nice weather to go to Central Park from our home in Brooklyn. We somehow figured out the service changes and transferred twice to get to Central Park in reasonable time (40 minutes). Now, on the way back, we took a car since our little one gets cranky before he takes his nap. That was about $40. So, they decide to tax FHV trips more? Why shouldn’t I have just driven my own car (I don’t own one but my wife constantly talks about getting one since we’re about to have another kid — but since I’d be the one moving it for ASP — I have some leverage to resist). I could’ve taken any of the e. river bridge crossings for free. I could’ve parked for free in one of the thousands of free Sunday spots within 5 blocks of Central Park. This is the trade-off many people make. The people I know who live near me who have a car, wouldn’t have hesitated to drive into the city on a nice day like yesterday. And economically, it would’ve been cheaper. Such failed policies. Such poor leadership.

  • Fool

    “Christopher Natale, general chairman of the Brotherhood of Railroad
    Signalmen Local 56, which represents LIRR signal workers, took issue
    with MTA officials attributing the latest delays to them.

    ‘There’s way more dynamics than just the signal
    work that’s causing these delays,” Natale said. “I don’t think they can
    blame on one single thing the amount of errors that have been made on
    that project.’ ”

    It all started at the beginning! When civil servants who can’t be fired could not agree on how to share the massive amount of terminal tracks at GCT.

  • JarekFA

    This is so true. Where are any areas that one expects to find a green cab trawling for pick-ups? 125th st in Harlem? 7th ave in Brooklyn? Barclays? Flushing? So unnecessary. For what it’s worth, I’ve been picked up by green cabs via uber before.

  • Larry Littlefield

    They can always take money away from New York City Transit and shift it to the project. Maybe they’ll find a way to do better work if they are given a pension increase and retire.

    It seems that $418 million in general MTA revenue, mostly collected in New York City, no longer needs to go to the subway.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Even if they are in the outer boroughs, they still aren’t in minority neighborhoods.

    We took the bus out to Riis Park. It terminates at the Junction in Flatbush, an inconvenient location for F train riders, but right next to a Target. You’d think there would be a bunch of green cabs there to pick up people coming out with packages. In fact there were none. Back on the B41 and then a walk across the park.

    The rest of my family uses Ubers. Specifically they use Lyft Ubers, as in “I Ubered over on a Lyft.” Just don’t get it.

  • reasonableexplanation

    Don’t worry aboout taking Lyft Ubers when you use kleenexes to wipe up the spill from your thermos next to the xerox machine, if you get my drift.

  • reasonableexplanation

    Interesting question: so through modelling and such, most here assume the uber/cab congestion charge won’t do much. I generally agree.

    However, we could also be wrong.

    What metric can we use which would be satisfactory? Like, let’s say we get an X% increase in average speeds below 96th st. Will the policy have been a success objectively? Or will everybody keep pushing for a full toll cordon anyway?

  • vnm

    “Unless their stock stock increases greatly, you’re never going to be able to reliably hail a green cab on the street like you can a yellow cab in the city.”

    And yet you’re not allowed to “hail” the black cars by raising your hand, even though everybody does it. The green cabs were supposed to alleviate that oddity. Anyway I guess you’re right they are all becoming outmoded – black cars and green cars alike, by Uber and Lyft.

  • djx

    “The green boro cabs are not needed in the age of uber.”

    I don’t have a smartphone and take green cabs a couple times a week. I don’t want getting a cab to have to rely on a phone call. And even if I did have a smartphone, I sure wouldn’t want the Uber app on it. I don’t trust them to not follow me around.

    I live in Harlem.

  • Vooch

    increasing avarrge driving speed in Manhattan ?

    that should NEVER be a goal.

    the only valid goals for motor vehicles are

    1) reduce double parking
    2) reduce killing
    3) reduce particulants in air

  • Vooch

    dude – in hindsight would it have been preferable to attach a child seat and take the little via bike ?

  • AMH

    I rarely take cars but the only places I notice a lot of green cabs are in Harlem where everyone used to hail liveries. I doubt there are enough green cabs to plan on hailing one elsewhere.

  • AMH

    Yep, and they’re removing as many tracks as they’re adding (for the access concourses to reach the new tracks ten stories below).

  • JarekFA

    It’s 8.5 miles from my place in Brooklyn to Central Park. And my wife would’ve had to ride with and she’s 6 months pregnant and been advised to take it easy.

    I’ve taken him on a ride to Central Park when he was 15 months old as part of TA’s “Kids Ride” during the NY Century ride. But man, it was sooooo incredibly slow. We ended up abandoning the tour when we got to Manhattan and took our own route to Central Park.

    But yah, I wouldn’t mind taking him into the city more, it’s just that, he can get really impatient on longer rides.And he gets really cranky when we get closer to his nap time.

    I don’t mind paying for the convenience of taking a one way car. It’s just that the economics shouldn’t be so skewed that it may make sense to drive one’s own car. We live just a mile or so from Prospect Park, so we intend to go there a lot once the weather improves.
    Below are pictures from the Kids Century Ride. You can see the lady who drove in Prospect Park and got lost. You can also see the 1st ave merge lane of death (which Ferdinand C likes). And a shot of the Interceptor that was “protecting us” as well as a shot from the Manhattan Bridge.

  • Vooch

    love it buddy

    just love it