Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo’s MTA Is a National Disgrace (Reuters); Related: AMNY Posts Scary Commute Tales
  • Corey Johnson Doesn’t Trust Albany With Pricing Revenue (Newsday)
  • MTA Will Overhaul UWS B/C Stations Without Adding Elevators (Rag, NY1)
  • With Business Stymied by Congestion, Garage Owners Oppose Congestion Pricing (Crain’s)
  • How NYPD Handles NYPD’s Drunk Driving Problem (News, Post)
  • Cy Vance Busts Up Ring That Tried to Take Over City’s Towing Business (NYT)
  • Man on Motorcycle Killed in Clove Road Collision (Advance)
  • Manhattan CB 1 : Rational Discourse :: Oil : Water (Villager)
  • Post-Christie NJ Transit Is a Delapidated Wreck (Bloomberg)
  • How Elizabeth Jennings Desegregated Transit in New York City (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The MTA, NJT. I was on a Mets blog and mentioned how the subway has gone downhill. Those who live elsewhere chimed in “you think you have it bad?” I was told the one subway line in Baltimore is shutting down for a month. I’ve heard horror stories from transit buffs from around the country.

    The pillaging of the transit infrastructure, with debt and earlier retirement on richer terms, by older generations who abandoned it to the detriment of poorer younger generations who wanted it, is a national disgrace.

    As is the pension crisis wrecking school systems all over the country.

    And the third round of taxes for the rich at the federal level, even as the national debt soars toward 100 percent of GDP, more than half held outside the country, and Social Security is poised to be cut by 30 percent in a decade.

    “Hell yeah! My taxes are going down and they’ll have to grandfather me in because younger people have ‘time to adjust.'”

    People not showing up Election Day is a national disgrace. People showing up and only having one real choice — the special interest backed incumbent — is a national disgrace. Nearly all the public policy choices I have observed for 25 years are national disgraces.

    It’s not just here, and it’s not just transportation. It’s values.

  • bolwerk

    He drove without making stops to a corner on the Bowery and called over a

    police officer. The officer sided with the conductor and pushed Ms.
    Jennings onto the street, breaking her bonnet and dirtying her Sunday attire.

    The officer “tauntingly told me to get redress if I could,” Ms. Jennings wrote hours later.

    Guess the NYPD apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, though “redress” might not be in their vocabulary anymore.