Today’s Headlines

  • Motorist Who Failed to Yield Kills Myriam Nino, 82, on Northern Blvd. (Post, News)
  • Cranks Win! Manhattan CB 5 Delays Vote on Crosstown Bike Lanes (NY1)
  • De Blasio’s Proposed Budget Ignores Cuomo’s MTA Extortion Stunt (NYT, PoliticoWNYCPost)
  • MTA Backs Off Plan to Take MetroCard Machines Offline, for Now (VoiceAMNY, PostNY1)
  • Connecticut Can’t Afford Weekend Metro-North Service (NYT)
  • Judge Convicts Police Brutality Protestor Prosecuted by NYPD for Jaywalking (News)
  • Cy Vance Will Stop Prosecuting Turnstile Jumpers (Politico, Post)
  • Who Will Die Before City Stems Sidewalk Incursions Near Fourth Ave. School? (BK Paper)
  • Seniors in Cars Endangering Selves and Others: OK With DMV and NYPD, Hilarious to the Post
  • Had to Happen: Narcissist Sues to Use Leonia Streets as Personal Cut-Through (
  • E-Bikes! (News, News)

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  • Ian Turner

    The Leonia restriction really is unconstitutional. You can’t restrict access to the public right-of-way based on residency. They should amend the rule to local traffic only, or instead block off one end of each block.

  • mfs

    Agreed. Advocates for public space should be appalled by what they have done in Leonia – there is a bad history in the US of localities banning travel through/in their towns. In addition to what Ian says, they could have made their side streets one way to disincentivize non-local cut throughs.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Mass transit is what makes metro New York metro New York. It is the very foundation of the economy. It has been pillaged and cashed cow, and none of those in charge really care. The lives of virtually everyone are just a game to them.

  • Joe R.

    Northern Boulevard is another shit show which needs a livable streets makeover. The bike lane near Joe Micheal’s mile is a start but really the entire thing needs traffic calming and better pedestrian/cycling facilities.

  • Ken Dodd

    “Cops charged Timote with failure to yield to a pedestrian, a misdemeanor, and failure to exercise due care, a violation.

    He was given a summons and sent home, cops said. On Tuesday, he pleaded not guilty to the charges during an appearance in Queens Criminal Court.”

    Not guilty. This is what really boils my piss with scum like this. The cops have just handed him a get out of jail free card for a case of involuntary manslaughter, but not content with that he wants out of the desk ticket as well. There is a special place in Hell for filth like this.

  • Guest

    Yes, some combination of one-ways and barriers would have done the job without being exclusionary. But the borough will never do that because it would inconvenience resident drivers. I predict this blows up in their faces, the signs come down, and they go back to square one.

  • AMH

    That was my thought too, as well as what happens when someone’s visiting Grandma from out of state and gets pulled over.

  • kevd

    I do hope they lose.
    Listen, make your streets less through street-y and no one will take them!
    They want the convenience for them and none of the inconvenience of outsiders utilizing that convenience.
    I say, Fuck ’em!
    Maybe NYC streets should be off limits to Leonia drivers? Or EVERY surrounding town?
    NYC Transit should prohibit Leonia riders!

  • Ken Dodd

    Speeding, out of control Jeep driving by drunk driver kills innocent man in the Bronx – cops charge him with “driving while intoxicated.” Why is this not an instant charge of manslaughter? Please tell me the NYPD are not going to fail to charge someone with a death yet again and that these charges will be upgraded.
    It’s almost like there is a culture of drunk driving among off duty NYPD officers which makes them sympathize with others who do it.

  • AMH

    “New York is a war between vehicles and pedestrians. There is no room for bicycles.”

    I keep hearing variations of this, and the inherent contradiction is astounding. How can anyone conclude that there is no space for one of the most space-efficient modes of travel?

  • Andrew

    Also, the notion of a war between vehicles and pedestrians is quite disturbing, but it fully explains much of the driving behavior I encounter.