Today’s Headlines

  • Partnership for NYC: Traffic Costs City $20B a Year (Post)
  • NYT on Crosstown Bike Lanes: People Have Died — But!
  • Justin Davidson: Pedestrianize Broadway and Get Cars Off Residential Blocks (NY Mag)
  • Brian Kavanagh Doesn’t Want the BQX to Interfere With BQE Rebuild (Bklyn Paper)
  • 7 Train Riders Will Lose Express Service for Track Repairs (News)
  • New COs Assigned to Precincts in Manhattan and the Bronx (News, Post)
  • NYPD Catches Sociopaths Who Hit Officer With Mercedes in Times Square (Post)
  • Teenager Charged With Attempted Murder for Severely Injuring Cop With Stolen Car (NY1)
  • Drunk Driver Gets 5 to 15 Years for Killing SI Woman on BQE (News, Advance)
  • Medallion Owners Got the News and Crain’s to Run Very Similar Anti-Uber Op-Ed
  • People You Share the Streets With (Advance)

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  • Guest

    Happens to a cop – Attempted Murder!
    Happens to a cyclist – No criminality suspected.

  • Ken Dodd

    I got intentionally hit by a speeding car from behind last year. Months later, and despite multiple witnesses as well as a full confession from the perp, it’s not even clear that the DA is charging him, let alone slapping him with the attempted murder charge he deserves. So I’m really interested to hear what these two goons will be charged with for an incident which, from watching the video, was less serious than mine.

  • Andy Stow

    They’ll pull the camera footage really quickly, too, for a cop.

  • AnoNYC

    Cuomo panel proposal to fund MTA charges drivers $11.52 in Manhattan’s congested areas

    “Motorists in the busiest parts of Manhattan could be required to pay as much as $11.52 a trip under a congestion pricing proposal due to be unveiled as early as Friday, the Daily News has learned.”

    “It’s estimated the plan, which would be rolled out over two years, would raise between $1 billion and $1.5 billion annually, with all the revenue going to the region’s mass transit systems, the source said. None of the money would be earmarked for road and bridge improvements, the sources said.”

    “The zone would likely be extended to 96th St. for taxis and other for-hire car services like Uber, one source said. Taxis and Uber would be charged a different fee, with the report recommending state leaders choose a toll of between $2 and $5 per trip.”

    “As Cuomo revealed earlier this week, the panel is not recommending tolling the East River bridges. But it also is not recommending reducing tolls on existing bridges like the Verrazano that some were hoping could help convince leery outer borough state lawmakers to support the plan.”

    “The tolling equipment for private cars would be operational between 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at a minimum on weekdays, the source said. There could also be a weekend charge between noon and 10 p.m. for private vehicles and trucks.

    “For taxis and other for-hire car services, there could be a longer window during the weekdays, the source said.”

    “The report will also recommend the state come up with some kind of relief for the .2% who are considered working poor who drive into the city from the outer boroughs, the source said.”

    “In addition, the report will recommend that the NYPD provide strong enforcement of traffic violations and that the state and city impanel a review board to evaluate the distribution of government-issued parking placards.”

    “Under the proposal, there would also be a reduced rate for pool trips and a cap on the amount of time for-hire vehicles can spend in the central business district without passengers, the source said.”

    “But the source with knowledge of the recommendations said that under the Fix NYC proposal, drivers on the FDR Highway would not be charged unless they got off at an exit within the tolling zone.”

    “The issue is more complicated, the source said, when it comes to the West Side Highway and the Henry Hudson Parkway since there are no real exits. It’s likely drivers on the Hudson Parkway would be subjected to the toll, the source said.”

  • AnoNYC

    Driving a Car in Manhattan Could Cost $11.52 Under Congestion Plan

  • AMH

    That’s one of my greatest fears. Drivers regularly rev their engines and swerve intentionally close to me when I’m riding. We can’t get a city government that cares about our lives soon enough.

  • AMH

    “[Trottenberg] said that 26th and 29th Streets were selected for the new crosstown routes largely because they are wide enough to accommodate protected bike lanes [without removing car parking]”

    We could have protected lanes on every street tomorrow if safety were prioritized over free/cheap car storage. Paint one side of the street, plunk down enough planters and rocks, to keep vehicles out, and biking would suddenly be amazing.

  • AMH

    That Daily News article is a joke! “No. 7 line losing express service for weeks to fix chronic repairs in Queens” — what does it mean to “fix chronic repairs”? “There will be no nonstop train between 74th St.-Broadway to Queensboro Plaza” and there never has been — express trains do not stop at 74 St but they do stop at 61 St. Cue the predictable moaning and groaning about hardship, but everyone at a local stop from 74 St on will have more frequent service, while Flushing riders will have to make a few more stops. The operation should not affect reliability, since trains already have only two tracks west of Queensboro Plaza.