Today’s Headlines

  • Streets Are Designed for Death and Doctors Are Fixated on Helmets and Reflectors (WSJ)
  • The MTA MetroCard Machine Fiasco Keeps On Keeping On (Gothamist)
  • Mark Levine Continues Push for Transit Signal Priority in Crain’s Op-Ed
  • NY1 Amplifies Petty Driver Gripes During Woodhaven Blvd SBS Construction
  • Steve Levin Wants to Expand Religious Exemptions From Parking Enforcement (KCP)
  • How Many More Will Be Maimed and Killed Before DOT Fixes Grand Street? (DNA)
  • Advance: “Car” Severs Senior’s Finger; Garbage Hauler Injures Man, 24; No Charges (1, 2)
  • Attorney: Meek Mill Should Be Left Alone, Like Other Reckless NYC Motorists (News)
  • Douglas Durst Hints at Lawsuit to Foil de Blasio’s Wimpy Green Buildings Initiative (Politico)
  • Subway Countdown Clocks: The Latest in Home Decor (Curbed)

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  • Jeff

    I suppose Steve Levin’s hands are tied, given that many of his constituents practice a religion which unequivocally requires them to own and operate a minivan. I just wish the “thou shalt not kill” religions got some say in transportation policy.

  • reasonableexplanation

    Interesting regarding the Meek Mill thing;

    He’s on the hook for stunting/doing wheelies on a dirtbike on public roads. I remember when a bunch of kids took over the cross bronx to do the same on bikes and it got almost unanimous support on streetsblog…

    I guess I wonder, is it a binary thing, or a spectrum? Like, is stunting only okay if there is no motor, or would stunting on an e-bike be okay? What about mopeds? vespas with engines under 49cc? At what point does it cross from ‘yeah take back the streets!’ to ‘dangerous motorist’?

  • What’s interesting about the Meek Mill story is that law enforcement is throwing the book at him while people who’ve caused a lot more harm with their motor vehicles face essentially zero consequences.

  • “Levin hopes the new bill give NYC residents an opportunity to observe religious holidays without the fear of getting ticketed.”

    Here’s an easy way to avoid getting ticketed on a religious holiday: Before the holiday begins, move your car into a legal spot.

  • Morris Zapp

    Probably the point when a child on a bicycle becomes a grown man on a motor bike.

  • bolwerk

    “Unanimous support”? Does it occur to you that maybe you can be against the CBE bike stunt and still think that the people who did it shouldn’t be thrown into the criminal justice system? The backlash against it bordered on hysterics.

  • Vooch

    exactly – nuisances such as all the pretty irritants ( cycling wrong way, popping wheelies, e-bikes those awful dirtbikes ) that have NEVER killed anyone are treated like Rampaging Hordes.

    Meanwhile, Drivers hospitalize or kill 130 new yorkers EVERY SINGLE DAY and it’s a oopsie.

  • Vooch

    We should let data drive laws and enforcement. Dirtbikes ( as irritating as they are ) have never killed anyone.