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  • William Lawson

    “On-Duty NYPD Officers Hit 2, Including 5-Year-Old, in Staten Island and Bronx Crashes” – what are the chances that they didn’t have their lights or sirens on but will claim that they did. I was almost hit by a cruiser on 2nd Avenue a few days ago when it made a sharp left turn onto 4th street right in front of me across the bike path. No lights, no sirens, no emergency. Just a cop who thinks that his badge gives him the right to flout basic traffic laws.

  • Joe R.

    I was nearly hit myself by a cruiser running a red light with no sirens or lights on. I guess his/her blood sugar was low and there was a real hurry to get to Dunkin Donuts.

  • Knut Torkelson

    Even when just normally driving around they NEVER signal their turns. Like what do they think some potential criminal is going to figure out where their going if they signal 5 seconds before a turn? It’s mind boggling.

  • AMH

    Yep, and should you vocalize your surprise or anger you’re asking for them to back right up and get in your face. Never had a gun pulled on me but it’s pretty f-ing terrifying.