Today’s Headlines

  • State GOP Plans to Wield Subway Dysfunction as a Cudgel Against Cuomo in 2018 (News)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Kills Cyclist in Bushwick; Witnesses Contradict NYPD Victim-Blaming (Gothamist, DNA)
  • Cabbie Kills 87-Year-Old Man at Cooper Square Sunday Night (NewsPost)
  • SUV Driver Rear-Ends Bus on 125th Street — 12 Injured (Gothamist)
  • Driver Speeds Through Central Park, Crashes Into Tree and Dies (Post)
  • De Blasio: Without Speed Camera Expansion, “We Will Redouble Other Vision Zero Efforts” (DNA)
  • Cy Vance Will Stop Prosecuting Fare Evasion Arrests (NYT, AMNY)
  • Transit and Traffic Disasters Are Causing Frank Bruni to Lose His Faith in New York (NYT)
  • Lenore Skenazy: Most NYers Don’t Own Cars, So Why Do Cars Get So Much Public Space? (Bklyn Paper)
  • Here’s Where Bike-Share Stations Will Go in Crown Heights This Year (DNA)
  • Why Won’t City Hall Come Clean About Whom It Bestows With Parking Placards? (Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Republicans plan to run against Cuomo on transit? They’ve got to be kidding.

    Pataki and Giuliani cut off funds for the MTA, with the help of Republicans and Democrats in the state legislature. Republicans and Democrats, Mayors and Governors, and the perpetual MTA board kept it that way. “Transit advocates” were on board due to (at one time) fare cuts. Tolls were frozen and removed.

    This is what you get for not telling the full story. A Republican hoping to run on transit, and then further devastate city transit to subsidize the graft on the LIRR.

    Every single member of the state legislature should be tossed out of office. Every former member of the state legislature should be tossed out of whatever office the are in.

    Cuomo, Christie. Pataki, Giuliani, Bloomberg, Spitzer. Bill Clinton, to took money out of the transportation trust fund to use in the rest of the budget, as occurred in New York and New Jersey. Silver, Bruno, Skelos, and Jim Brennan. Debts, inadequate infrastructure maintenance, pension increases and underfunding.

    It’s all part of the same big ugly picture. The bitter partisan divide is just noise to drown out what they have done collectively. Both political parties deserved to be wiped out before they do any more damage.

  • Vooch

    No parking at this city hall. How does Mayor get to his office ??

  • AMH

    Major error in the Post article about the speeding driver in Central Park: “Normally, the West Drive is only open to high-occupancy vehicles between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on weekdays.” That hasn’t been true in years.

  • qrt145

    The West Drive is still open to motor vehicles 8-10 am on weekdays, but only south of 72nd St. All of it used to open to motor vehicles until a couple of years ago or so.