Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo’s MTA Won’t Even Tell You Why Your Train Isn’t Moving (News)
  • What Cuomo and de Blasio Miss by Not Taking Transit: AMNYVoiceNYTNY1, Gothamist
  • Switch Failure Stalled LIRR, NJ Transit, and Amtrak Trains Tuesday Evening (Post)
  • Danny Dromm Steps Up to Fill the MTA Leadership Vacuum as Team Cuomo Snarks (Politico)
  • How Jeffrey Dinowitz Can Atone for Congestion Pricing: Endorse Toll Reform Now (@danrivoli)
  • The Port Authority Bus Terminal Was Not Made for These Times (City Journal)
  • Principals Union Endorses de Blasio as Ink Dries on Freshly Minted Parking Placards (News)
  • Yellow Cabs Get Into the Ride-Sharing Business (NYT)
  • Motorist Hits 15-Year-Old Outside Staten Island School (Advance)
  • NYPD, Daily News: Bronx Pedestrian Who May Lose Leg “Walked Into” Turning MTA Bus
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Who Seriously Injured Columbia Student Also Unlicensed (News)
  • Race to Succeed Chris Christie Narrows to Two (NYT)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Perhaps we should look at the state of the MTA and Port Authority more positively.
    I recall hearing a TWU union leader, on the radio urging ratification of a contract, using the justification “we took all there was to take.” Well, over the 20 years from 1995 to 2015, did those in a position to do so take all there was to take?

    Could fares have be lower, with more bonuses and breaks? Could pension benefits have been increased more? Could takes have been lower at the federal, state and local level, and spending on other things higher? Could the construction industry have gotten higher bids and more drawn out projects? Could more tolls have been removed, and toll and gas tax freezes have lasted longer? These questions have to haunt an entire generation.

    When people start dying, they can feel secure in the knowledge that the did, in fact, take all there was to take. Perhaps then we can be sure that it really was a good deal for some back in the past. Hope word of this triumph has reached Florida and South Carolina. It has certainly reached public union halls, where the scramble for guaranteed on-street parking can be expected to intensify

    Meanwhile, note the 400 people laid off at the HHC. It isn’t just the MTA.

  • vnm

    Unlicensed driver strikes pedestrian and flees. What can they do, take away his license harder?

  • djx

    Give him/her jail time.

  • Vooch

    the section of Riverside Drive where the homicidal maniac from NJ nearly killed a innocent columbia student sorley needs a road diet.

    It’s too wide with very little motor traffic encouraging reckless drivers

    children, babies, elderly, and columbia students are in constant danger from drivers as the try to get to Riverside Park.

  • com63

    Shouldn’t the principals be upset about the extra teacher parking permits? More teachers taking parking spots seems to mean less spots for principals. I suspect that in the fall we will start hearing stories of people showing up to work at unreasonably early times to get parking and principals complaining about teachers taking all the parking.