Today’s Headlines

  • Albany’s Final Budget Includes Cuomo’s $65 Million MTA Funding Cut (AMNYNews)
  • Watch the Failure of Federal and State Transport Policy Play Out Before Your Eyes (MTR)
  • Gateway Builders Look to Get Hudson Transit Tunnel Done With Private Finance (Politico, WNYC)
  • NJ Lawmakers Come Out Swinging Against Cuomo’s Port Authority Power Grab (Politico)
  • Turning Driver Strikes Cyclist at Same Sunnyside Intersection Where Gelasio Reyes Was Killed (News, TLPost)
  • Brooklyn DA: Driver Who Ran Over Michael Joefield Was Trying to Kill Himself and His Passenger (DNA)
  • NYPD Has Already Confiscated More E-Bikes This Year Than All of 2016 (AMNY)
  • Tomorrow: Manhattan CB 5 Votes on Madison Square Shared Space (NYT)
  • The Advance Presses for Ferry Service Between Staten Island and Brooklyn

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Foster care funding was also cut, among other things. Taxes were increased.

    But school funding was increased 4.4 percent from the nation’s highest level by far, to pay for the 1995, 2000, and 2008 retroactive pension increases and all the “incentives” in between while limiting classroom cuts.

    If people continue to believe that money does or does not fall from the sky, and don’t pay attention to where it is going when they find out where it is not going, the ripoffs will continue.

    Those defenders of mass transit in the legislature? It was all a fraud.

    They could have said that perhaps a 4 percent increase in school spending is enough, to avoid cuts to transportation. They could have said that maybe public employee pensions should not be exempt from state and local income taxes, to require those who contribute the least to contribute something. But they didn’t.

  • Guest

    Edwards was the passenger; the man killed while rollerblading was Michael Joefield, as per the article linked here.

  • Fixed, thanks

  • They haven’t said where the $65 million for the capital program will come from. It could just be more debt.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Well, then that’s the question.

    The thing is under Cuomo not enough current money has been spent on infrastructure. It’s been mostly debt, even for ongoing normal replacement.

    But under Pataki and Spitzer it was all debt. So compared with other leaders in the Generation of Sociopaths Cuomo looks good.

  • Greg

    Food for thought: the original Penn Station tubes were built by a private company.

  • Vooch

    Same with our Subways.

    We should advocate privatizing all interstates. Fully privatize including land, that way they’ll pay property taxes.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The subways were paid for with city money, however, under the dual contracts.

  • Vooch



    recall the whole negotiation about the bonds

  • Larry Littlefield

    I don’t have a problem that a brand new subway system was debt-financed. It enabled a huge increase in the city’s economy, population and tax based, which paid off the debt.

    I have a problem when the maintenance of a static system is paid for by debt.

  • Vooch

    You think the City of Chicago selling 30 year bonds at 8.75% to pay one year teacher’s salaries was bad ?

  • Larry Littlefield

    I think most of what has gone on for the past 35 years, and in particular the past 25, is bad.

  • Vooch

    You really think a hardworking UCLA professor shouldn’t end up with a $1 million annual pension ?

  • What a tragedy that a second person was killed on the same intersection . If DOT had fixed the intersection . Split phase would fix the problem for $ 24,000 . Isn’t saving a life worth it ?

  • In 20 years our children will ask : what were you doing while all these people were killed?