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  • Larry Littlefield

    “While developers remain optimistic that a train station will one day stand here, the
    flurry of construction and the signs of an increasingly vibrant neighborhood
    aggravate frustrations over the absence of any progress. “We’ve been waiting
    a long time,” Mr. Cohen said.”

    They might want to compare notes on wait times with those who put up apartment buildings on the far East Side of Manhattan after the Third Avenue El was torn down and a bond was passed to build the Second Avenue Subway. In 1954.


    Note the lack of development on the far West Side until the Flushing Line extension was almost open.

  • Call BP Melinda Katz at 718-286-3000 and tell her to remove Ann Pfoser Darby from CB4. It’s not enough to just not reappoint her. Katz must send a clear message that Darby’s comments have no place on a community board.

  • bolwerk

    The Heights Association did not put an advocate for the streetcar on the
    panel because it was hoping to have an objective discussion so
    residents could hear the pros and cons of the project without bias, said
    the group’s executive director, Peter Bray.

    Advocates for streetcar: not objective
    Opponents of streetcar: objective


  • Kevin Love

    The exact same instant removal should be applied to those CB members who demonstrate their hate and contempt of innocent pedestrians and cyclists by opposing life-saving improvements.

    Hate is hate and always unacceptable. Whether the hate is directed against people because of their immigration status, their lifestyle choices or their means of transportation, CB members who express hate should be immediately removed.

  • elvevaag

    I’m lukewarm on the BQX, but I found this ridiculous as well.

    If BQX resembles the streetcar systems in Seattle, then I’m against it. Those lines have ridiculous 15-minute headways during the day, and when they come, they lumber through at 10 miles per hour. It was useless for nearly any trips.

    But if BQX is more like a rapid light rail lines with some limited street running then I’d support it (like the Blue and Gold light rail lines in LA, or the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail in Hudson County).

    It needs to have absolute signal priority, completely exclusive travel lanes, sub-10-minute headways throughout the day, and sub-5-minute headways at rush hour in order to work.

  • elvevaag

    Homes on Staten Island were advertised in the 20’s with the promise of a rapid transit connection to Brooklyn “coming soon.”

  • Simpler solution is to remove many of these decisions from the community board process. Let people think what they want about streets, but don’t give them veto power that contributes to keeping them dangerous.

  • kevd

    “But if BQX is more like a rapid light rail lines with some limited street running then I’d support it (like the Blue and Gold light rail lines in LA, or the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail in Hudson County).”

    Yeah, I doubt that’s going to happen….
    Even if it were, why spend $2.5 billion on a route that doesn’t have any ridership when there are already 10 bus routes with over 10 million riders / year that could DESPERATELY use more capacity?

  • Kevin Love

    True. Let them have input on liquor licenses and such things that do not involve life and death decisions.

  • bolwerk

    Oh, I don’t think I like it overall. I like the Red Hook segment, and I guess I am more cautiously interested in the spur between downtown Brooklyn and the J Train. It’s all street running, though it might at least have its own lanes.

    Most of the criticism of BQX is about propagandizing recycled anti-transit tropes, and that deprives BQX of sharp criticism that could improve it. Also, I’d love the BQE to receive half the opposition that BQX gets. Tear that shit down.

  • a black guy who walks, rides

    Indifference to pedestrians being killed “randomly” is not the same as racist hate. It’s just not.

  • bolwerk

    But the fact that pedestrians in poorer, browner neighborhoods are often in the places that are doormats for cars? Not saying it’s overt racism, and I’ll just avoid the discussion about inner motivations (“hate”), but I have a hard time imagining race and/or class bigotry isn’t a factor.

  • Please remember the comma in “Thanks, Trump”.

  • Vooch


    Check this out, A Orange County city is creating a protected bike land PLUS stripping PCH with a buffered land for high speed cyclists ( aka Freds ). The planners are creating two bike lanes because the protected will be packed with slow speed riders.

    Hudson River Greenway anyone ?

    If a regressive place like Orange County California can create enough bike space for Fred’s and Noobs why can’t we ?

  • Simon Phearson

    The BQX won’t work like this even as proposed, to say nothing of what it’ll look like once all the CBs and driving politicians get involved. Maybe if we could trust BdB to shepherd the thing and push against any opposition that will slow the thing down, I’d be for it, but no – neither BdB nor the developer consortium behind the Friends can be trusted here.

  • Simon Phearson

    Say you and your spouse are trying to decide whether to buy a particular house. Your spouse has expressed some doubts; you yourself are slightly in favor of it; your broker thinks the house would be a great fit for you and your family.

    Do you give the broker a seat at the table?

  • Kevin Love

    Yes, there is a large amount of evidence that everything from pedestrian to cycling infrastructure is systematically being denied to poorer and browner neighborhoods in many cities in the USA.

    I too would prefer not to open a window into people’s souls. If someone is advocating policies that pose a lethal threat to myself and my family, I have a problem with that. And the #1 threat of death and serious injury that my family currently faces is coming from car drivers.

  • Toddster

    CBs in poorer, browner areas (which I assume/hope are made up of people who reflect the areas) can be just as obstinate in preventing life saving changes as CBs full of old white cranks in Queens or the UES.

  • bolwerk

    Worse perhaps. But CBs are appointed by elected officials, who pretty much universally look at the world through a windshields, so I wouldn’t take that as evidence of anything.