Today’s Headlines

  • Experts Agree: Improving Buses and Subways > de Blasio Streetcar (Bklyn Paper)
  • It’s No Mystery Why Some Would Choose a Cab Over Cuomo’s MTA (Shabazz Stuart)
  • NYPD OKs Deadly Force to Thwart “Ramming Attacks,” Post Still Doesn’t Mention Drivers
  • DOT to Install Left Turn Signals on Hylan Boulevard, Other SI Intersections (Advance)
  • Tish James Knocks City’s Court Settlement to Improve Curb Ramps for the Disabled (AMNY)
  • An Architectural Critique of Second Avenue Subway Stations (Curbed)
  • Garodnick Bill Would Require NYPD to Reveal Surveillance Tech (News 1, 2)
  • Here Are Some of the New Yorkers Trump Is Threatening to Disappear (WNYC)
  • Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to Stressed-Out Uber Driver: Your Fault (SFist, NYT)
  • Will Connecticut Follow Jersey Off the Transportation Funding Cliff? (MTR)

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  • Vooch

    Illuminating that the driver said he was $97,000 in debt because of Über. Guessing he bought a expensive SUV via Über’s lending support on the mistaken belief he’d Über his way through the heavy loan payments. Wrong.

    Über couldn’t care less about its human drivers. They figure within 5 years they’ll all be replaced with Self Driving Vehicles.

    The Human drivers will be stuck with expensive auto loans for cars they don’t need.

  • Larry Littlefield

    The for the richest generations in the two richest states in the country, New Jersey and Connecticut, it just wasn’t enough. They had to rob their future residents with pension underfunding, debts, and inadequate infrastructure maintenance and investment, to get an even better deal. What a disgrace.

    These states benefitted from low taxes, and a low social service burden due to widespread exclusionary zoning, for decades. Now they have above average taxes and nothing but tax increases and service cuts as far as the eye can see. And all those rich people and corporations that moved in to take advantage of the temporarily sweet deal, leaving declining NYC, are not fleeing the sinking ship — the ship that they helped sink — again.

  • Bolwerk

    It’s really astounding to me the state of affairs where nobody who doesn’t already have a good job has viable employment prospects, and everyone from insurance to Uber has resorted to outright exploitation to capitalize on it, hasn’t resulted in pitchforks and guillotines.

    I drive a lot for work these days, up and down the east coast, and I think I’d rather be paid to walk around and pick up garbage than keep it up. Uber is like being a truck or bus driver: you will die doing this work. The bus driver at least gets a wage and pension for a few years before his early death. And truck drivers probably at least get the former.

  • Vooch

    Pitchforks ?

    Trump promised guillotines

  • AMH

    Interesting article about NYPD policy on “ramming” attacks. It sounds like current policy already allows firing at vehicles when lives are in danger, which would seem to permit much more frequent (and effective?) action against deadly drivers.

  • Vooch

    deadly cyclists maybe ?

  • Bolwerk

    Guillotines are for when you seize power and you are ready to celebrate!