Today’s Headlines

  • City Hall Blows Off Parents Who Don’t Want Another Child to Die in Traffic (News)
  • Will de Blasio Get Behind Discounted Fares for Poor New Yorkers? (Politico)
  • DNA and Brooklyn Paper Posted Maps of Proposed BQX Routes
  • MIA on Fatal MTA Bus Crashes, NTSB Investigating Death of Transit Worker on G Tracks (NY1)
  • City Plan for Staten Island’s North Shore: Ferries, Buses, Bikes, Lots of Parking (Advance 1, 2)
  • Box Truck Driver Runs Over Manhattan Cyclist, Victim in Serious Condition (News)
  • Nassau Police Chase Ends in Brooklyn Crash (News); 2 NYPD Wrecks in Upper Manhattan (Post)
  • It’s Too Bad for This Habitual Toll Cheat That He Didn’t Have Police Credentials (Post, News, Advance)
  • Bike Snob: It Shouldn’t Be Harder to Steal HBO Than It Is to Drive Without a License (Reclaim)
  • Voters Will Have a Chance to Shake Up New York Politics in 2017, Kind Of (WNYC)
  • Expect a Lot of Traffic in Midtown Tuesday; Fate of Free World to Be Decided, Too (News 1, 2)

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  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    The victim suffered head trauma and was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in serious condition, officials said.

    “It’s like toothpaste, you have to start at the bottom of the tube and squeeze up to the top”

  • Reader

    Here’s Austin Finlan’s response on behalf of the mayor, as given to the Daily News:

    “No death on our city’s streets is acceptable. The DOT is working diligently to complete at least 90 Safety Improvement Projects in 2016 — the most completed in a single calendar year — including expanded pedestrian space, protected bike lanes, corridor improvements and intersection treatments,” he said.”

    The mayor’s commitment to Vision Zero is so deep that every time someone is killed and reporters question de Blasio’s commitment to keeping New Yorkers alive, his spokesperson copies and pastes the same vague statement.

  • bolwerk

    “Berry interesting idea: A rendering imagines Berry Street in
    Williamsburg as a largely pedestrian- and trolley-only thoroughfare.” – well, that would be cool!

    Re streetcar parking: okay if we use some parallel parking spots?

  • Alec

    I didn’t know where else to put but wanted to give a hat tip to DOT for repainting a TON of crosswalks uptown – Riverside Drive from the GWB all the way down to the 140s at least, plus a bunch of other streets.

  • Joe R.

    Not to mention the protected bike lanes on the avenues hardly constitute low stress infrastructure. Mixing zones, constant pedestrian intrusions, food carts, garbage, traffic signals every block and so forth are just some of the issues these bike lanes have.

  • AnoNYC

    TN residents ask 45th Pct. put brakes on pre-teen bicyclists

  • Elizabeth F

    No surprise, that’s a terrible part of 2nd Ave — and also hard to avoid, if you need to head downtown.