Today’s Headlines

  • Second Ave Subway Phase 1 Nears Finish Line (NYT); Crews Had to Shave Down Tunnel Walls (News)
  • Driver Kills 13-Year-Old Girl, Injures Another Girl Near Middle School in Ozone Park (PostDNA)
  • MTA Express Bus Driver Kills Woman in Lower Manhattan, Charged With Failure to Yield (News, NY1)
  • Drunken Staten Island Drag Race Claims One Life, Injures Several (Post)
  • Dan Squadron and Paul White: Test Out Tolls on the East River Bridges During L Shutdown (News)
  • Nicole Gelinas on de Blasio: “Once You’ve Joined the Helicopter Class, It’s Hard to Go Back” (Post)
  • TWU’s John Samuelsen Wants to Rally NYC Unions Against de Blasio (News)
  • Council Bill Seeks to Shed Light on the Public Design Commission (Politico)
  • New Cottage Industry in New York — Citi Bike Accessories (WSJ)
  • 7,000 People Biked the Bronx Yesterday (NY1)
  • Transit = Freedom for NYC Kids (NYT)

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  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Easily my biggest complaint about Citi Bike is the lack of a basket. It’s ungainly to carry even a few grocery items in a plastic bag on the bungee thing on the front of the bikes, and they don’t have anything to hook a pannier to on the back.

  • qrt145

    “De Blasio is also sending a bad message to cops. If the mayor can park his helicopter illegally in Prospect Park, why shouldn’t officers park their private cars in illegal spots all over the city, blocking sidewalks, bike lanes and crosswalks?”

    They already do, and did it well before de Blasio.

    This doesn’t mean the Mayor isn’t ultimately responsible, but it’s not like he gave them an idea. It’s just the status quo.

  • Kevin Love

    A quote from the NYT article about New York’s children, in the11-15 age group:

    “They often have a hard time finding places to play, or simply a place of peace and quiet amid the cramped city’s unceasing roar.”

    Sort of like these children in Amsterdam fighting for a place in their city in 1972:

    Amsterdam changed. New York can too.

  • Absolutely true. This has been a problem for a long time.

    But if Mayor de Blasio were to try to get this behavior to end, as one would hope he would if Vision Zero were a thing anymore, he’d have no moral authority.

    He set himself up. He incorrectly framed Vision Zero as “everyone must do their part,” but drives to the gym and takes a helicopter to beat traffic. What “part” is he doing?

  • bolwerk

    Any disorder is automatically de Blasio’s fault. He is the reason crime is skyrocketing.

  • Miles Bader

    So what was their reason for omitting a basket (it’s clearly intentional)…?

  • qrt145

    Unfortunately, I don’t think de Blasio ever so much as hinted that Vision Zero would require real sacrifice from the motoring class, and by that I mean the entitlement to free or cheap street parking. Heck, we still let people park on some crosswalks *legally*!

  • qrt145

    Rumor has it that they wanted to prevent people from using the baskets as garbage bins. I’ve certainly seen that happen with bike baskets, but I think that if that was the reason, it was an overreaction. Velib bikes have baskets and they seem to be doing ok.

  • Agree. I don’t think he fully understood what it would mean when he took it on as a campaign platform. And he’s so far been unwilling to educate himself on the subject.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    The most plausible reason my Googling finds is that people would put trash in baskets (and apparently do in the baskets of people who have them on their private bikes). I don’t exactly see this being that big of a problem. Couldn’t the rebalancing crews (and users) just toss this trash away? We’re probably just talking about empty coffee cups most of the time anyway.

    I’m not sure how these are attached to the bikes or if they could be easily swapped out, but I’d love to see Motivate pilot a few hundred baskets to see how people like them and how well they work. I suspect that users would approve of and prefer baskets.

  • Kevin Love

    I think that he educated himself to the point where he realized that not killing people in traffic violence means reducing the privileges of the rich and powerful.

  • Kevin Love

    Too bad that nobody in the world has been able to invent something to put on the street for people to throw garbage into.

  • qrt145

    Maybe I’m paranoid, but I tend to think that people who put garbage on other people’s bikes do it out of spite rather than due to lack of actual garbage cans.

  • mfs

    there’s often trash in Velib baskets.

  • mfs

    and they’re often broken. the velib bikes are really much worse and less durable than the citibikes in almost every way except the gear shifters.

  • HamTech87

    I was too late registering for the Tour de Bronx. Couldn’t believe it was fully booked, and delighted that it was. I’ll register earlier next year. Does anyone know a ride that takes the new route from the South Bronx to Randalls Island?

    On De Blasio’s helicopter ride, generally I’m a fan of Gelinas, but I think to say that he is “uninterested in traffic and transit” is a bit much. Yes, the helicopter thing was stupid. But the governor controls the MTA subways and buses, not the mayor. The governor controls the bridges and could implement Move-NY to start rationing cars. But yes, the mayor could implement parking reform.

  • qrt145

    Yes, there is. I would say “sometimes” rather than “often”, but that’s subjective. My point is, is that such a terrible problem that it is worth getting rid of the baskets? Not in my opinion. The expression “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” comes to mind.

    I agree that Velib bikes are inferior to Citi Bikes in some other respects, but that’s unrelated to the question of having baskets. (By “they seem to be doing ok” I was referring to the basket issue only.)

  • nanter

    They also have locks, a feature I sorely miss on Citibike.

  • JudenChino

    but I think to say that he is “uninterested in traffic and transit” is a bit much

    Bloomberg managed to get a 7 line extension (the death of the stub at 42nd/10th ave is indefensible) and nearly got congestion pricing through Albany. If it weren’t for Sheldon Silver, we would have congestion pricing and who knows how the uber situation would be today.

  • com63

    I often find myself with things that might be wider than a basket, but fit fine into the rack.
    Also, you should try buying the product mentioned in the article and BYO basket:

  • SSkate

    “Does anyone know a ride that takes the new route from the South Bronx to Randalls Island?”

    Any particular point in the S Bronx? I skated from Soundview to Randalls yesterday, passing through Mott Haven and Port Morris on the way to the Randalls Island bridge,

  • kevd

    There is a certain amount of garbage in Velib baskets.
    But, not so much that it is a big deal.
    Sometimes you toss it in the garbage. Sometimes you select a different bike. Sometime you just leave it there and ride around with it.

  • kevd

    its also EUR 1.70 for a day pass.
    EUR 29 for a year with a 30 min limit, and EUR 39 for a year with at 45 min limit.
    And they have 18,000 bikes (going to be going up as it expands further into the suburbs).
    So its better in a whole heck of a lot of ways.

  • Vooch

    priceless car centric quotes in this article about Manhatten lux buildings with driveways !

  • Sabina

    What route do you take for that? I did that the other day, Lafayette Ave -> north to Bruckner Expy -> west on the sidewalk over Bronx River though googlemaps has it shown as protected bike lane -> little bit of protected bike lane -> 163rd St -> Southern Blvd. Suggestions for improvements? It wasn’t a great route imo. (Was impressed by Soundview Park, hadn’t checked that out before.)

  • SSkate

    Sounds pretty much like the route I took Sunday. It wasn’t bad because Southern Blvd was relatively quiet, perhaps because it was a late Sunday afternoon. Biggest problem was getting from where Southern terminates against the Bruckner under the expressway and over onto Willow. At other times instead of Southern Blvd, I have taken 163rd west from Del Valle Square over to Westchester Ave, then WA down to Jackson Ave, and that to 138th St. That’s not so great, as traffic can be a bit menacing along Westchester Ave.