Today’s Headlines

  • Second Witness Implicates Cuomo in Bridgegate Testimony (PoliticoWSJ)
  • DiNapoli Says the MTA Has More Cash on Hand Than Expected for 2019 (Crain’s)
  • Families for Safe Streets Launches Safe Driver Pledge Site in Memory of Allison Liao (Gothamist)
  • Voice: Women Need Safe Streets to Ride Bikes, Not Marketing Campaigns
  • NYC Paid Willets Point Garages to Build a Bronx “Auto Mall.” It Didn’t Work Out (NY1)
  • Want a Copy of That Integrated NYC Bus and Subway Map? Now’s Your Chance (DNA)
  • DOT Will Paint Bike Lanes on Grand Avenue in Maspeth (QNS)
  • Jeffrey Dinowitz and Locals Call for Improvements at Intersection Near Riverdale School (Press)
  • Despite High-Profile Crashes, Transit Remains Exponentially Safer Than Driving (MTR)
  • People Who Take Traffic Violence Seriously, People Who Don’t (News)

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  • Kevin Love

    Love the Voice article. Meanwhile, in the rest of the world…

    55% of bicycle trips in The Netherlands are taken by women. That was not due to any marketing campaign. That was due to safe infrastructure.

    This particular marketing campaign is particularly tone-deaf. Imagine trying to encourage cycling with photos that send the message, “This is a deadly dangerous activity that is so lethally dangerous that its participants are wearing helmets.”

  • AMH

    The Daily News street constitution is great except for one paragraph:

    “Cyclists shall purchase Insurance, obtain a license under rules ordained by the several States, and submit themselves for recertification at a period of 10 years to ensure that they can still safely operate their Vehicles.”

  • Kevin Love

    How about this paragraph:

    “No Pedestrian shall perambulate with his eyes focused on anything except the Action in the Street.”

    In other words, perfectly normal children are going to be victim-blamed for being crushed and killed after perfectly normal child behavior such as this:,_Daddy

  • FWIW, I see Gersh Kuntzman riding around Brooklyn every now and then. He runs red lights just like everybody else.

  • Jeff

    For a moment there I thought maybe the Grand Ave bike lanes in Maspeth would actually connect with the brand new, high-profile “trunk route” bike lanes on Queens Blvd.

  • AMH

    Yep. Make that two paragraphs.

  • AMH

    I knew there had to be a reason the traffic light language was qualified and nuanced.

  • AMH

    It’s pretty sad when a painted line qualifies as “protection.”

    “Right now, Grand Avenue has 25-foot travel and parking lanes on both the east and westbound sides. DOT will break that up into a 9-foot parking lane, 5-foot bike lane, and an 11-foot travel lane on both sides. This will give cyclists a dedicated lane, providing them protection.”

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    A NYC bike network without egregious gaps on high traffic routes? Keep dreaming.

  • Jesse

    The whole thing was riddled with double-standards for cyclists and drivers :


    “Drivers must yield to Cyclists and Pedestrians in crosswalks and other times when Cyclist and Pedestrians have the right of way as defined by common Law.

    “Cyclists must yield to Pedestrians at all times.

    Being able to hear your surroundings:

    “No Cyclist shall listen to amplified music through one or more earpieces at any time while the Vehicle is in motion. There is no way to hear crucial road Noises whether Cyclist is listening to Brian Lehrer or Lou Reed.”

    No mention of a driver’s obligation to hear “crucial road Noises”. Why shouldn’t drivers drive with their windows open and the radio off?


    “No Driver shall exceed the posted speed Limit.”

    “Cyclists shall not use excessive Speed.”

    Excessive speed is a vague concept but it certainly doesn’t refer to the speed limit or else that’s what would have been written. If excessive speed means something like “a speed that could be dangerous to others given the circumstances” then there are many instances where travelling below the speed limit could still be excessive. Seems like that standard should apply to drivers and cyclists.

  • AMH

    I wrote Mr. Kuntzman about the problems with this document–I encourage others to do the same.

  • Joe R.

    At least it’s better than the usual “obey all traffic signals at all times” you always see popping up when talking about rules of conduct for cyclists. Saying it’s OK to pass red lights after stopping, provided it’s clear between 6AM and 11PM, and to treat them as yields at other times, is a good start.

    Of course, the stuff about bike insurance and licensing is just ridiculous but that wouldn’t fly anyway.

  • Joe R.

    For what’s worth, the double standard regarding cycling speeds has reared it’s ugly head even here at Streetsblog. Some here feel anything faster than ~10 mph is too fast to ride a bike in a city. I agree about having a single standard. Unfortunately, excessive speed for the conditions is often too subjective and subject to the whims of law enforcement. That’s actually why numerical speed limits came to exist. So let’s just stick to saying both drivers and cyclists shouldn’t exceed the posted speed limit, especially in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

    That said, I’m sure it was worded this way to make readers think speeding isn’t exclusively the province of motorists, which in fact it pretty much is.

  • fred smith

    Hes right get licences like cars you want changes to road with out paying for them. This make you free loaders which you are. The pedestrian comes first but not with you spoiled brats on bikes. You ride fast blow through red lights do not even ride on bike paths , think you own the streets,scare pedestrians by riding fast. breaking every law. And stupidly showing pics of cop cars in your precious precious lane. How the fuk do you know what the cop is doing.something serious might be going on but you idiots just complain like spoiled children u are wha wha ha go home to your mommies and safe spaces at your schools. . Your not part of society your the problem and more and more people see it and they are fed up with your crying. and not paying attention to the laws. I hope u never need a cop .

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Bikes are not as fast as cars and have far lower mass. Have you ever considered that you might have a social fear rather than a physical fear?

    When was the last time you rode a bicycle? Have you tried it as an adult?

  • Kevin Love

    Yes, where do you think you are? Somewhere that gives a care for human life? This is New York, not The Netherlands. This bike network is good enough for the likes of you.

  • qrt145

    Who says he is an adult? By the spelling and grammar, I would estimate he is six years old…

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    I assumed he was on the other end of that curve.

  • fred smith

    yeah I used to ride allot before nyc was invaded with cry babies. it used to be fun, hanging on to the buses etc. now all u guys do is cry wha weha wha! we want it our way cause we are a small sliver of people in nyc and everyone should bow down to us. we is spoiled not your fault really.
    I know where a car is I dont know where a bike is its like cockaroches you never know if some moron is biking the wrong way on a street etc. Cars where I live and lived go much slower than bikes since there way to many of both cars and bikes. Then you cry since the cops are trying to make u obey laws. Just wait for the bad times again when we have no money in this city.

  • fred smith

    Im not sagainst bikes im against the insanity that bikes have created since u menials have move to places with out proper transportation. I against you guys crying and whining and not being considerate of the rest of the people in this city.
    Im against all the time its the crs fault its the cops fault . Its like deal with it .

  • Vooch

    UNprotected bike lane is best description for a painted bike lane

  • fred smith

    What u should be against and what you generation caused is part of global warming. You buy on line and get a box delivered to your door/ AMAZON is the largest polluter ion the world today. The eenvironmental impact from you ordering a plate, a towel, shoes on line and have it deliverd to your door is off the charts!! The green house gases to get your precious hoes delivered by ups is causing the global warming. You guys returning merchandise that you dont like and shipping it half eay around the world id the leading cause of global warming. The huge server farms that need cold water and allot of air conditioning gto run a Face book server farm is off the charts. Your “social Media” is killing this planet. How much do you partake in this mess “easy to be green”?
    what r u doing creating g a stupid app to deliver something that causes pollution!

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    The green house gases to get your precious hoes delivered by ups is causing the global warming.

    But they deliver hoes to so many area codes!

  • fred smith

    ? u think since u ride a bike ur saving the planet lol

  • Larry Littlefield

    Hey Fred, no one knows if direct delivery services such as or Fresh Direct use more or less energy than a traditional producer, wholesaler, retailer chain or large retailers with their own distribution systems.

    Perhaps someone would study it, but your generation left the country broke.

  • Alicia

    You realize lots of cars are delivered from abroad, right?

  • fred smith

    i agree you kids are more concerned with safe spaces ? bein g duped at colleges to sacrifice to do good and make no money. while the colleges are richer than hell with huge endowments some universities have billions of dollars in the bank! and your professors take home huge paychecks while they tell you money is evil!. you guys have been suckered!

  • fred smith

    I can tell you to send one package to manhattan to be delivered by a ups truck adds tremendous pollution! You guys created this madness. Every-time i bring this up to people i get major backlash. Like that OK dont touch my amazon! I cant go to the store that buys product in bulk. Im being told that a third of packages delivered to my building are returned! Talk about Global warming? talk about a stupid unnessary site like facebook the amt of electricty they need to power their huge server farms is unbelievable along with that have to be close to rivers since they need the water to cool this monster you created.
    Many people are starting to wake up to the insidious cost of pollution associated with you r social media.
    Wake up!

  • Alicia

    Are you deliberately trolling or are you a bona fide idiot? I’ll leave it to the reader to decide.

  • Andrew