Today’s Headlines

  • Nicole Gelinas: NJ Transit’s Broke, Just Like the Rest of New Jersey (Post)
  • A New Penn Station Train Hall Is Nice, But the Region Really Needs Better Trans-Hudson Rail (Politico)
  • Will Hoboken Crash Investigators Get Access to a Functional Data Recorder? (WSJAP)
  • Cab Driver Strikes and Critically Injures Cyclist in East Harlem; NYPD Blames Victim (News)
  • DNA Previews Today’s Rally for a Safer 111th Street
  • NYPD Sluggish to Adopt Body Cameras (NYT)
  • “Loitering” Law Has Made Walking a Crime for Women of Color, Transgender Women (NYT)
  • Nassau Cops Find Driver Who Killed Dog (News 12); Why Hasn’t NYPD Found Matt von Ohlen’s Killer?
  • DOT Tweaks Crossings By Francis Lewis Park in Whitestone for Greater Safety (QNS)
  • Daily News: Give AECOM’s 1 Train-to-Red Hook Proposal a Chance

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  • Kevin Love

    From Nicole Gelinas, about New Jersey:
    “Last month, as the Bond Buyer reported, the state made plans to issue $1.2 billion in debt to fund a long-delayed “megamall” in East Rutherford.”

    Kevin’s comment:
    Even in Communist China, private money has a habit of funding these things. But hey, this is the USA. More socialist than China when it comes to car drivers.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Why Hasn’t NYPD Found Matt von Ohlen’s Killer?

    Meanwhile at Park Circle we see the NYPD’s high regard for walking and cycling:

  • JamesR

    Isn’t that literally the same model and color of vehicle used in the crime?

  • Vooch

    yes – Black camero with tinted windows Is murder weapon used By Matt Van Ohlen’s Killer

  • JudenChino

    Why Hasn’t NYPD Found Matt von Ohlen’s Killer?

    I’m guessing that the NYPD feels it’s Matt’s fault for being in front of a car as that was the logic that was explained to me for why an unmarked police car used its siren on me this morning. Such contempt for the people they’re supposed to protect. This shit comes from the top and the abject failure in leadership is astounding. Like, all the #VisionZero stickers and shit mean nothing when this is what we get from the NYPD. Like, you expect me to trust the police when they treat me like this.

  • Michel S

    Where exactly were you supposed to be? Waiting behind the FedEx truck?

  • ahwr

    Do you really think catching up to the guy and trying to talk to him is going to be productive?

  • Larry Littlefield

    The whole backstory about that mega-mall is worth repeating.

    The Meadowlands sports complex was built to accommodate economic activity fleeing increasingly poor, increasingly diverse New York City in the suburbanization era. But then the flow of young people and capital reversed.

    The owners of the New Jersey Devils and New Jersey Nets decided they wanted to build a new arena in Newark, and move there. But affluent suburban Bergen County, home of the malls, got lots of sales tax revenue from the sports complex. So the Bergen representatives blocked the arena in the NJ legislature.

    The owner of the Nets was so disgusted he sold the team — to Bruce Ratner. Who made plans to move it to Brooklyn.

    With the Devils threatening to flee, the state decided to build the Newark arena after all. But with only one team it now needed massive subsidies. Suburban interests again threatened to block it, so the state promised this huge tax revenue generator for Bergen in the Meadowlands to replace it.

    After failing, and failing, and failing, the project ended up needing massive state subsidies itself.

    The bottom line is New Jersey could have had that arena in Newark and two teams for little or nothing, were it not for anti-urban, non-economic hostility.

  • ddartley

    Remind me, what if anything does the public know about supposedly why there’s been no arrest even after PD found Von Ohlen’s killer’s car? Am I the first person to wonder aloud if PD found that it was a cop driving? Seriously do we know who owns the car? And if not, how can it be found out?

  • JamesR

    You’re brave. Confronting a cop like that on a bike (or anytime, period) would get a brown or black person beaten within an inch of their life or worse.

  • JudenChino

    Many people have speculated that it was law enforcement as that’s a reasonable explanation as to why we’ve heard nothing. All we’ve heard is the investigation is on-going. But they found the car!

  • ahwr
  • fdtutf

    Off the road is all that cop cares about. Whether you can get where you’re going is irrelevant. He has to get where he’s going, and nobody else matters.