Greenway Shut Tonight for Presidential Forum — Motorists, Carry On

Ten blocks of the Hudson River Greenway will be closed during evening rush today as a “security” precaution for a presidential candidate event on the USS Intrepid. While people on bikes will have to figure out another way around, there’s no indication that people driving multi-ton metal boxes a few feet away on the West Side Highway will have to change their routines at all.

According to the Hudson River Park Trust, the greenway will be closed from 44th Street to 55th Street from 5 to 10:30 p.m. due to “NYPD safety/security measures.” The trust said greenway commuters should “plan an alternate route,” and posted no re-routing info on its web site or Twitter feed.

We called NYPD about the greenway closure, and to ask if the West Side Highway would be shut as well. NYPD referred us to the Secret Service. “NYPD’s the one who closes the street,” said the person who answered the phone at the Secret Service field office in Brooklyn.

A spokesperson said the Hudson River Park Trust learned of the greenway closure yesterday. No one we contacted would say if motor traffic would be blocked or rerouted. No announcement of a road closure has been posted online, and the DOT’s map of street disruptions shows no parallel detour on the West Side Highway today.

Tonight’s event is a forum on the military and national security. While it looks like operators of motor vehicles will carry on unimpeded, people biking and walking will be targeted by NYPD security theater.

  • notsurprised

    Remember, walking/biking = childish recreation, cars = real important grownup stuff

  • AlexWithAK

    I’m so cynical that at this point I just figure the NYPD is doing this out of spite and because no one in power ever holds them accountable.

  • JudenChino

    Nah, they just don’t view us as people to care about. Slightly different. They don’t care about us. Does closing the greenway make their job easier? Yes. I think that’s the level of analysis.

  • Reader

    Given the temporary safety concerns, I’m surprised Mayor de Blasio hasn’t brokered some backroom deal to have the Hudson River Greenway permanently removed.

  • AlexWithAK

    I wish I could believe that, but from what I see the cops demonstrate open disdain for cyclists. They don’t want us in the city and do whatever they can do send that message.

  • ItsEasyBeingGreen

    Imagine what Timothy McVeigh or the Beltway Sniper could have done with a bicycle.

  • Kevin Love

    Yes, the level of analysis reflects the attitude, “Good enough for the likes of you peasants.”

  • Joe R.

    NYPD-protecting the city from the radical, suicidal bike bomber terrorists sent by the all powerful bike lobby.

  • KeNYC2030

    Telling thousands of commuter cyclists, many of whom are on Citi Bikes, to go fend for themselves on the mean streets of midtown is a “safety/security measure”? Give me a f-ing break. This kind of mentality is a big reason why cyclist deaths shot up this year. This administration still does not take cycling seriously enough to safeguard all cyclists’ lives.

  • Reader

    To me, this Hudson River Greenway stuff is a crystal-clear example of the disconnect between the de Blasio’s stated Vision Zero goals and his actual understanding of what it entails, not to mention his ability to influence the NYPD in any meaningful way.

    If such predictable events can’t be managed in a way that keeps everyone safe, there’s very little hope that the mayor is all that serious about traffic violence.

  • JudenChino

    Ah, but the Hudson River Park is a State Park thus it’s not BdB’s fault of course. This is what I experienced the last time they shut it down. Not fun

  • Reader

    But he could coordinate with state and local DOT to provide an alternative on the West Side Highway.

    Vision Zero should be a multi-agency effort. This is exactly the kind of test case that shows how it’s failing.

  • A

    Wish someone could hold the NYPD to account for nonsense like this. As it is now, they don’t even have to justify or explain it.

  • AlexWithAK

    But it seems it’s the NYPD that gets to make the call to shut it down. Regardless of who gives the order, BdB is in the position to stand up and speak out. He’s clearly not doing that.

  • Komanoff

    To state the obvious, tonight’s closing the dozen blocks of the HRG is the Manhattan and cycling analogue to last weekend’s ripping out the median on Eastern Parkway. Though at least the HRG closure is temporary. The contempt for walking and cycling is deafening. So is the silence of *all* the electeds.

  • JudenChino

    But what really hasn’t been mentioned much is the abject stupidity of BdB from a political perspective. Sure, he might be in the good graces of [whoever it was who pushed for this removal and if it was the NYPD then why even bother since they’ll always throw shade at him]. But he’s just pissed the f— out of the locals/advocates who pushed for this installation for years. In other words, the type of people who are voters, aggressive on important local issues and are able to network. BdB is dead to all those people. Not a one of them I expect will vote for him let alone campaign for him or fundraise. I get it why he sometimes kisses the rings of local developers ($$$$ — though it might get him indicated). But he also needs votes!


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