Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Opts for Full 18-Month Closure of L Tunnel — Time to Start Planning Some PeopleWays (NYT)
  • NYT: If Cuomo Is Serious About Fixing the MTA, He’ll Push for Move NY
  • Minivan Driver Strikes and Kills Terrence Montrose, 26, in Breezy Point; No Charges (News)
  • NYPD Found the Car Used to Kill Matthew von Ohlen. Why Haven’t They Made an Arrest? (Gothamist)
  • Police Arrest 6 Black Lives Matter Protesters for “Blocking Traffic” in Brooklyn (Post)
  • MTA May Split the M5 Into Two Routes to Improve Reliability (NY1)
  • 7 Train Riders Won’t Be Getting Open Gangway Subway Cars Anytime Soon (TL)
  • DNA Has an Explainer on the F Express Situation
  • Brooklyn CB 6: DOT Rushing Decisions on Union Street Bridge Replacement (Bklyn Paper)
  • Breaking: The Naked Cowboy “Wouldn’t Be Able to Do This Job” Without Free Parking (WSJ)
  • NYC’s First Zoning Resolution Was Enacted on This Date 100 Years Ago (NYT)

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  • ocschwar

    So much blithe discussion on Gothamist on the theory that Van Ohlen’s killer is a cop who was off duty.


  • Kevin Love

    “Police Arrest 6 Black Lives Matter Protesters for ‘Blocking Traffic’ in Brooklyn”

    Seriously? NYPD is that out of control?

    Freedom of Assembly is a right. Walking is a right. Cycling is a right. Use of public transit vehicles is a right.

    Driving is a privilege. Not just in New York, but in every one of 50 states driving is NOT a right.

  • new yorker

    It probably was an off-duty cop. That could explain why the 90th precinct is trying to bury the story.

  • c2check

    Howwwww does the naked cowboy get free garage parking???

  • qrt145

    He is so cool the garage pays him. The Naked Cowboy is the Chuck Norris of NYC!

  • Mike

    Wait so the Lexington avenue line, one of, if not the city’s busiest and most crowded, isn’t getting the open gangway cars?

  • Kevin Love

    You forget the motto of the Albany politicians who control the MTA:

    “Good enough for the likes of you!”

  • Samuel Santaella

    Unfortunately, no. The oldest cars for the numbered lines are about 30 years into their 40 year service life, so expect 10 (or more) years before we see anything new for the numbered lines.

  • Mike


  • SSkate

    To be more charitable to NYPD, my suspicion is that whoever the driver was, he lawyered up and so there will be no announcement until they are ready to charge him. On the other hand, given how much NYPD officers leak to the press, I’m surprised we haven’t anything at all.

  • ohnonononono

    He makes $150,000 a year (so he could actually afford to pay to park if he really wanted) and he lives in New Jersey.

  • qrt145

    The WSJ article said he lives in Queens.

  • ohnonononono

    Hopefully they can throw some on the E though…

  • Mike

    I believe the E only has new cars now, so it seems doubtful. I would imagine the A, B, D, C would make out, as well as the J. Definitely the C as I believe they have the oldest cars in the system

  • ohnonononono

    But isn’t the C the least crowded train? I guess open gangways are good anywhere, but it’s a shame the most crowded lines won’t get them.

  • ohnonononono

    Oh, weird, I guess he moved. Apparently he used to live in Secaucus.

  • Joe R.

    When the open-gangway cars arrive, they could be put on the E/F, and the R160s being used on the E/F now could be moved to the C, G, and other less crowded lines. It would still be a major improvement getting what will then be ~10 year old cars on the C to replace the relics being used on it now, which are only 2 years younger than me.

  • Joe R.

    I’m wondering how feasible it might be to modify the R142s and R188s with open gangways. My guess is it’s probably too expensive to be worth it but hopefully I’m wrong.

  • AMH

    At the very least, it should be possible to fit the cars with an enclosed flexible connector and remove the ban on moving between them.