Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Chase in Queens Leaves 1 Dead, at Least 1 Injured (DNANews, NY1, GothamistPost)
  • NYPD Found the Car Used to Kill Matthew von Ohlen, But Not the Driver (Gothamist)
  • Amazing Photos of Police Violence Protestors Stopping Manhattan Vehicle Traffic (Gothamist)
  • M Train Service to Be Suspended in Brooklyn and Queens While Elevated Track Is Replaced (NY1)
  • F Express: Electeds and Commuters Want Answers From MTA (Bklyn PaperDNA, Gothamist)
  • Second Avenue Sagas: Why Did Cuomo Hold a Press Conference to Announce Rail Ticket App?
  • Peralta, Hyndman Want to Incentivize Dash Cams in Private Vehicles to Capture Crash Footage (TL)
  • New Charges Leveled Against Former 19th Precinct CO James Grant (Post)
  • Oddo, Locals Protest Developer Proposal for New Road in Grymes Hill (DNA)
  • Marble Hill Motorists Say New School Has Messed Up Their Driving (Riverdale Press)

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  • JudenChino

    Ferdinand, you’re the Sisyphus of #bikenyc. Riding, what is it, like 15 miles each way, every day. Stopping at every single light and stop sign, subject to the flawed belief that, every time you stop at a red light, in the middle of no where, with no traffic, that somehow, you’re pushing that boulder uphill towards the promised land of improved bike infrastructure.

    Variations of this Ferdinand model include: (i) “Arbeit macht frei” and (ii) slaves who believed they could earn their manumission.

  • Simon Phearson

    Right. Similarly, you would advocate that women dress conservatively even when they’re trying to attract sexual attention, because dressing seductively just “pokes the bear” of unwanted sexual aggression.

  • It’s amazing how blithely offensive people can be. You embarass yourself with that kind of comment; worse, you lower the level of discourse on this site.

    If you refuse to see that riding legally helps protect our bike lanes, then no one can help you. Every day we hear dismissals of bicyclists’ concerns on the grounds that we ourselves don’t follow the rules; yet some won’t accept that we have the ability to take that weapon away from the nonthinkers who hold this absurd view. Thanks for helping to arm our enemies.

    The bottom line is that bicyclists’ law-breaking shouldn’t be an issue because we’re not hurting anyone, because the laws in question are ridiculous, and because drivers’ law-breaking is the real problem; nevertheless, it is an issue, because most people are enculturated into a society in which driving (and casually breaking the rules) is the accepted norm. We need to distinguish between what should be and what is, and to understand that reasoned argument will never be enough to break through the fog of sociological and ideological conditioning.

    Anyway, one person can do only what one person can do; at the most basic level one must set a good example by modelling the behaviour which one seeks to promote. I will therefore continue to do what one individual can do to defend our beautiful bike infrastructure, until the last bit of it is removed with the enthusiastic approval of the media and the idiot majority.

  • Simon Phearson

    Juden’s reference to Nazi slogans and manumission strikes me as off-base and offensive, as well, but I would note here that it isn’t less “blithely offensive” to accuse Juden of “arming our enemies” when all that he’s done here is point out the futility of believing that adherence to the law helps cyclists’ cause.

    I have refuted that belief so many times, myself, that I don’t care to invite another one of your spammy copy-and-paste jobs. So you can save it.