Today’s Headlines

  • Council Approves Budget (PoliticoNY1, WSJ); De Blasio Signs Bill Easing Quality of Life Penalties (DNA)
  • Toll Reform, Upstate Uber Expansion, Ethics Reform Not on Albany’s To-Do List (NYT)
  • Cuomo Says His LaGuardia Renovation Will Turn New York Around (DNA, Politico, Crain’sNews)
  • 2nd Ave Sagas: What’s the Deal With Cuomo’s LaGuardia Train?
  • Daily News Upset With Port Authority Bus Terminal Plans; GWB Terminal Revamp Still a Disaster (DNA)
  • 14th Street “PeopleWay” Concept Gets Some Press From NY1
  • New York State Treats Taxi Drivers Like Dirt, Too (Politico)
  • Manhattan CB 4 Desperately Trying to Get DOT to Do Something About Pedestrian Deaths (DNA)
  • A Road-Raging Off-Duty Cop Pulled a Gun on a Cyclist; Guess Who Got Arrested (Gothamist, News 12)
  • Motorists Crash Into Buildings in Staten Island and the Bronx (Gothamist, Post)
  • NYC Is a Model for Traffic Safety (PBS, Metro)

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  • Vooch

    5 cyclists killed, 5 charges of manslaughter

  • Larry Littlefield

    Nothing in the article blamed the cyclists and absolved the driver.

    The article was from Michigan.

  • Vooch

    it’s powerful that WSJ supports accountability for killer drivers; Wish our electeds would be as commited

  • Guest

    RE Post: “transportation planners” say the Port Authority Bus Terminal should be in NJ? I hear a lot of wishful thinking from politicians and a few advocates, but have yet to hear any professional transportation planners express that view.

  • BBnet3000

    Easy to go after the drunk redneck, hard to go after everyday New Yawkas with a callous disregard for taking a human life.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I’m not sure I count, but I did suggest building a bus terminal in NJ at Secaucus, and expanding the Gateway project to include a further extension of the Flushing Line.

    And then just rebuilding a smaller bus terminal where it is, instead of building a bigger one further away from the destinations.

    NJT would charge the equivalent of a PATH or subway fare less to get to and from Secaucus, rather than all the way to NY. Providing bus service to Secaucus would be far cheaper, because of the traffic and inefficiency of trips direct to the PABT and lack of layover space. There could be two trips per rush hour rather than one for each bus.

    The new terminal would be a bus and rail hub for those traveling within NJ. And those who would have to transfer to the subway anyway would have an incentive to do so there, rather than in Manhattan. Only walk trips would use the rebuilt bus terminal in Manhattan.

  • LN

    there’s nothing in that article that actually discusses the GWB bus terminal functioning as a BUS terminal. Why is the Port Authority building a mall when this is the perfect place for more northward buses to terminate, keeping them off City streets and shortening commute times for those who can just hop on the A train. FYI, just over the bridge are plenty of malls, accessible by said buses.

  • bolwerk

    It’s probably impossible, for the foreseeable future anyway, to entirely to keep buses from having to cross into Manhattan and let people off in the vicinity of the bus terminal. What should be possible is taking a load of the bus terminal with carefully planned subway extensions into the suburbs.

    Whether that means you could forego a bus terminal on the west side of Manhattan, I don’t know, but I suspect at the very least it could be scaled down significantly. There is, of course, still a need for long-distance buses to have a terminal.

  • bolwerk

    I think that transfer might actually be crappier than the transfer to the A at PABT42. Not to mention the A is perhaps nearly the most useless Manhattan subway line.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Right, that’s the idea. More people using rail, but some people (who who walk from the terminal) using bus. That needs a different infrastructure plan AND appropriate pricing.

    No matter how big the terminal is, you’ll still have back-ups on I-495. And now the walk would be longer too.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I timed it out using Google Maps.

    Even around rush hour, the driving trip from the PABT to, say, Suffern (on the way upstate) is less than the ride from GWB Bus terminal plus the extra subway trip between them (factoring in no wait).

    So if the Upstate buses were moved to the GWB bus terminal trip times would be longer.

    I was stunned at the result, given the non-stop ride between 59th and 125th on the A. Also, when I did get out at that bus terminal once, it took me forever to find the subway.

  • bolwerk

    Oh, hmm, I actually took him to mean the northern NJ Transit transit buses that already go there.

    But yeah, however many minutes the A saves over the C in Manhattan, you can count it on one hand. The non-stop segment seems much faster, but it doesn’t save much time.

    For work-related purposes, transfers to the subway from that terminal pretty much require having a job along the A Train or a lot of patience at the start of your work day.

  • LN

    There’s a direct entrance to the A train under the terminal, or at least there was before construction closed it off. I live right there, ~30 min 175th to 59th most weekday mornings. ~40 by bike (NJT has bike racks on many buses). It’s potentially a much better experience than using PA/42nd street. It sometimes takes more than an hour for Megabus et al to drive through Manhattan to drop off in west midtown – imagine if they stopped right off the bridge.

  • AnoNYC

    The women who crashed in the Bronx was flying down Tinton Ave, blowing a stop sign through a busy cross street. I’m blown away that she didn’t kill anyone.

  • bolwerk

    No hard disagreement with that, but it can take an hour to get over the bridge too. Megabus isn’t really in a bad location with respect to subway service anymore thanks the 7 extension, and it no longer departs from 34th and 8th.

    I used to be a semi-frequent PABT175/GWB user. It’s not the worst connection in the world, but…shesh, why do they need to act like suburban buses and subways are just completely different worlds? I guess you can argue PABT42 is worse, at least for people going back to their bus, because you often need to go up several stories.