Today’s Headlines

  • State Approves MTA Capital Plan and Cuomo’s IOU (WNYC, News, AMNY)
  • Second Avenue Subway Construction Costs Still Going Up (DNA)
  • Hudson River Park Trust to Disrupt Greenway Segment for a Year, Give or Take (DNA)
  • DNA Has More Coverage of DOT Union Square Bike Improvements
  • In Albany, Uber Has Taken a Back Seat to Preet (Politico)
  • If You Walk or Ride on NYC Streets, You’ll Want to Read This Politico Exposé on Private Trash Haulers
  • Family of Allison Liao: Fatal Traffic Collisions Aren’t Accidents (PIX)
  • Cops Chase Staten Island Driver as Pedestrians Scurry Out of Harm’s Way (Advance)
  • An Off-Duty NYPD Highway Cop Killed Two People Whose Car Broke Down on the LIE (NewsPost)
  • Chuck Schumer Drops In to Scold the MTA for Last Week’s Metro-North Fire (Post)
  • Parks Without Borders Program Aims to Make City Green Spaces More Accessible (NYT)

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  • Vooch

    “….The 33-year-old cop, identified by police sources as Edward Rosovich, was traveling westbound in a 2016 GMC Yukon when he slammed into the pair, who flew across the divider and into oncoming traffic from the impact, police said….”

    no criminality suspected

  • Simon Phearson

    He didn’t even hit them directly – he hit their SUV, which then struck them with that kind of force. It makes you wonder how fast he was traveling.

  • Vooch

    also not watching the highway at all

    hundreds of cars passed the victims, yet no one seemed to hit them.

  • com63

    Interesting that Schumer is only criticizing the response of Metro North to the aftermath of the disaster. I think the real thing that requires examination is how the MTA’s risk assessment process allowed for hazardous chemicals to be stored under such a critical piece of infrastructure. Even if it was done without their knowledge and approval, there should be a process in place to identify and prevent these types of risks to the system.

    I wonder what other dangers to the system are lurking out there.

  • Joe R.

    He was probably driving in his personal car the way I’ve seen some cops drive in their patrol cars. I was passed once while riding on the LIE service road by a police cruiser doing 70-75 mph. About a mile down the road I see what was probably that same police cruiser in a gas station, with the driver BSing with other cops. Don’t know what the hurry was about.

  • “Second Avenue Subway Construction Costs Still Going Up (DNA)”

    Not quite. This is all contingency money baked into the budget. It’s the pace of spending that needs to be accelerated to meet the December revenue service date.

  • Bluewndrpwrmlk96

    Whew! The Politico article on the private garbage haulers is just pure great journalism. It’s a gut-wrenching article and makes you appreciate their struggle. It does mention their driving practices, because this is a transit-oriented site, but it’s more about their treatment as workers, lack of benefits and respect, and the difference between Teamsters and them. I really hope change and better oversight is done, for the sake of the bad players.

  • Vooch


    following up on your Last Mile Solution for the L Train shutdown.

    What you Think about Citibike expanding Into Bushwick, Ridgewood, Ocean Hill, and Brownsville in 2018 ?

    These Neighborhoods cover nearly all of the L Train stops, plus Support the Alternative Train lines.

    Mapping L Train catchment versud G,M, and A Stations, There Is beautiful overlap with a 1 mile CitibikeBike ride (about 7 minutes)

    I reckon 75 Citibike stations
    with 22 at Alternative train stations and 53 located in the L Train catchment zone.

    im guessing this would attract perhaps 15% of the 250,000 L Train riders going under river or just shy of 40,000 daily Citibike trips.

    Can you double check this ?

  • BrandonWC

    Last night, the full board of Manhattan CB3 gave final approval to upgrade Chrystie St to a 2-way protected bike lane. Installation will take place this fall.

  • Komanoff

    We’ll know soon, since the driver’s buds at the Highway Division are on it … NOT:

  • Vooch

    NYPD ticketing cyclists at 70th & 1st as of 11am. Hiding behind Veggie Cart.

  • Komanoff

    Do you know that for sure (100’s of cars …)? Please point me to the source? Thx.

  • Reader

    They were also ticketing cyclists at Jay and Tillary this morning.

  • BBnet3000

    I have to wonder if there’s any way to speed up this timeline. It’s still May and we have to wait until Fall?

  • BrandonWC

    I believe the timeline is dictated by coordination with DDC on construction at Grand and Houston

  • Joe R.

    Here’s a list of daily subway ridership by station:

    Probably the best bang for the buck in terms of expanding Citibike would be to put it near the last few L stations before Manhattan. Bedford Avenue, Lorimer Street, and Graham Avenue combined have an average weekday ridership of around 53,000. For those people the best option is to walk or take Citibike to the Marcy Avenue station on the J/M/Z. For everyone else using the L it would probably be to just continue using it to one of those last three stations, and then transfer to the J/M/Z. Depending upon the capacity of Marcy Avenue to handle all these extra riders, it might make more sense to have a few Citibike transfer points to stations further up the line.

    15% of the riders going under the river sounds possible though. I’d guess less than 25% would opt for the bikeshare option even if it existed, so that’s maybe 10K to 12K from the last three stops. Further up the line, you could emphasize Citibike transfers mainly to express stations on the J/M/Z. That would be mainly Myrtle Ave. (Alabama Ave. already has a direct connection to the L). Pick the 3 or 4 stations (DeKalb Avenue, Morgan Avenue, Montrose Avenue, Jefferson Street) closest to Myrtle Avenue, set up bike share near them, and near Myrtle Avenue. Ridership at those stations totals around 40K. If you get 10K to use Citibike here then you’re getting 20K to 22K total. Still not quite the 15% you want, but maybe more than 25% would use Citibike if it were offered as a free option to transfer between stations for the duration of the tunnel project. If we can get the Citibike transfers to ~40% of ridership at the stations I’ve mentioned then we’re close to your overall goal of 15%.

  • Vooch


    20,000 Citibkes riders in a system that currently has 50,

  • Vooch

    speculation, There was enough Time for both victims to recover from hitting the median ( Which was Apparently what caused them to stop ) and step Out of Their Car. figure A minute ?

  • Vooch

    end of month, rookies got to make Their Numbers

  • Komanoff

    Thanks. Makes sense. Though I would have said dozens, not hundreds.

  • djx

    Good point and good questions.

  • Vooch

    that’s why They Listen to you 🙂

  • Vooch

    Eyes on the Street: 2nd ave PBL 105 to 68th.

    Concrete ped Islands installed from 104 to about 92. Figure PBL “cyclist ready” to 96th by 4.July given the Stage of work observed today.

    Figure PBL “rider ready” by mid August to 86th, possibly as far as 79th.

    Humorous Photo of 2md Ave PBL @ 104th

  • vnm

    Anyone with a car could come along and park a car with hazardous flammable material right under an elevated structure. Why does the city allow car parking under elevated structures? It isn’t just the MTA. What about elevated highways like the BQE?

  • reasonableexplanation

    NY state has a move over law to try and prevent these sorts of things for emergency vehicles and broken vehicles stopped on the shoulder, but I’ve always wondered; what’s the protocol if the vehicle is in the HOV lane? Are you allowed to cross the HOV double white lines to move over, or would that be a violation as well?

  • AnoNYC

    Yes, finally! This is huge for my commute! I wonder how long it’s gonna take before they reach E 68th St? Still construction going on, street is still screwed up. Though I don’t know how bad because I avoid 2nd Ave right now.

  • AnoNYC

    Do they usually set up checkpoints before noon?

  • Joe R.

    Anything will help but considering this will be at least an 18 month project bikes can only be a small part of the solution. People who might be happy biking on a day like today won’t necessarily also bike in the middle of January (some will, but not all of them).

  • Vooch

    True but helping 22,000 people get to work on Time at Nil
    cost must be worth a little effort

  • kevd

    If we’re wondering why its hard to get much good transit reporting in the NY Times…..
    Here’s a nice story about Afghan refugees seeking asylum in NY.

    The only transit related piece being the caption to the main photo.
    Apparently, the NY Times is unaware of what the JFK AirTrain is and calls it “the hotel shuttle”.

  • bolwerk

    Has there ever been a case of a car (truck?) damaging an el because it exploded? Crashed into it?

    (Not disputing your point, just wondering.)

  • ahwr
  • Vooch

    I would make a wild Guess that to 79th complete by August to 68th by end of Sept.

    They are ( finally) Working double shifts and weekends.

  • JudenChino

    Jay & Tillary! It’s punishment enough having to ride through there. For what were they ticketing anyway, most cyclists obey the light there since it’d be dangerous otherwise? I do admit I turn right on red from Tillary onto Jay south in the PM..

  • ADN

    How fast was off-duty NYPD cop Edward Rosovich driving when he slammed his SUV into these poor people? This should be in the second or third graf of these kinds of news stories as a matter of course. This is the sort of thing I want to see in every car crash news story…

    “Rosovich was traveling at TK m.p.h. when he crashed into the victims and did not apply his brakes or swerve away, according to information downloaded from his vehicle’s data recorder by Nassau County Police….”

    All of this information exists inside the vehicle’s data recorders. The public has a right to know, especially if it’s a police officer who does the killing.

  • neroden

    Another cop kills someone due to reckless driving, the NYPD again make sure they don’t prosecute the double-manslaughter.

  • Vooch

    Delivery truck for NYC – 1,100 lbs load capacity 50MPH top speed.