Today’s Headlines

  • More Coverage of the Vehicular Killing of 3-Year-Old Mariam Dansoko (News, Post)
  • Teen Driving Stolen SUV Crashes Onto Brooklyn Sidewalk, Injuring 2 Women With Strollers (NewsPost)
  • Street Safety Advocates Remember Michael Ameri (DNA)
  • AMNY: Go Ahead and Build the Queens Boulevard Bike Lane in Elmhurst
  • MoveNY-esque Tolls Are on the New York Building Congress’s Policy Wish List (Crain’s)
  • Hit-and-Run Driver Who Killed Joie Sellers Sentenced to 5-15 Years (News, Post, NY1)
  • The Share of New York Workers Who Commute Without Driving Rose to 71 Percent By 2014 (MTR)
  • If You Believe Page Six, Sergeants Union Boss Ed Mullins Could Be Next Police Commissioner (Post)
  • Is Planning Chief Carl Weisbrod on the Way Out? (Crain’s)
  • Signalized Crossing Coming to Columbia Street Intersection By Brooklyn Waterfront (DNA)

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  • com63

    You should add that the stolen SUV that hit the women on the sidewalk was involved in a police chase.

  • walks bikes drives

    They didn’t post the surveillance video they talked about, but it didn’t seem like it was a police chase from the writing, just that it was being tailed.

    But all he was charged with was related to the fact he was driving a car that was stolen. If the police car was behind it, they obviously would have witnessed him run the red light (2 they said) and the assault on the pedestrians.

  • com63

    Given that the police probably gave the statement to the press, I’m sure they want to downplay the possibility that a chase could have caused the stolen car driver to be more reckless and led to this collision. I think more information will come out on this one.

  • Guest

    Ed Mullins, staunch defender of ticket fixing? We are screwed!

    Why can’t we get a real, decorated cop from another part of the country police culture is centered on law enforcement instead of ingrained practices of corruption and abusing unfavored groups?

  • Vooch

    Tomorrow Live on 67th ! CB8 meets to vote on Crosstown Bike Lanes – Ditch netflix and watch authentic UES Comedy live in NYC.

    Expect Cycling Moms, Dads, and elderly make the case for Bike Lanes.
    Expect Citibike Commuters to Join in the fun.

    the last Few Meetings Have seen the Pros outnumber the cranks, but the cranks are most amusing. Fortunately, the shrinking Ranks of the cranks Have steller Comedians who UES’rs know well:

    Will the crazy Driver guy rant about ‘ANARCHY’ on the streets, eyes bulging ?
    Will the Elegant Matron from 84h complain about her driver not being able to double park ?
    Will the Beefy Security Detail from the fancy religious school on 70th whine about difficulties double Parking his 11 school buses for Hours Every das ?
    Will that crazy Board Member drone endlessly about cycling liscense Plates ?
    Will the Chairman have to yet again demand the Audience that ” this isn’t a Trump rally and we are All neighbors here”
    Will the Young Mother complain about dropping her kids off at Dalton in her SUV ?
    will The billionaire building on Park send it’s old school Waspy lawyer who gently threatens CB8 Board members with being Black balled at the next auf. League Gala represent ?

    will the Young DOT Manager sputter in exasperation ‘its only paint’ as the Borough Prez tries to calm him down ?

    Woody Allen put in a camek 2 weeks ago for the troupe, but its a closely guarded secret if he passed his audition.

    flyer attached with Details

  • mfs

    Maybe John Miller gave that tip to Page Six

  • fdtutf

    What part of the country would that be, exactly?

  • Geck

    Brooklyn (Borough President Adams)

  • AMH

    Also, F express service is coming to Brooklyn (reducing local service).

  • bolwerk

    Supposedly Mullins said he doesn’t want the job.

    I don’t know where this “real, decorated cop” would come from either. The same boneheaded, well-if-it-doesn’t-work-let’s-just-do-it-again-until-it-does RWA policies have infected most big city police forces in America, and in fact ex-NYC officials even travel around the country, maybe even the word, peddling them for consultant fees (example: Batlimore).

  • fdtutf

    That’s still NYPD under Bratton.

  • AnoNYC

    2-Alarm Fire Under East Harlem Metro-North Tracks Halts Trains From Grand Central

    How to Kill a Three-Year-Old in NYC Without Getting Arrested

    Haw Haw The NYPD Killed These Dirt Bikes Real Good On Facebook Live

    Bike Commute Video: Canal Street Chaos & Manhattan Bridge Mayhem

    F Train Express Will Return For Summer Of 2016, 2017