Here They Are: Your First Sneckdowns of Winter 2016

Like much of the East Coast, New York got walloped on Saturday, so the next few days will be prime sneckdown time.

Here’s the season’s first collection of photos from NYC, where “nature’s tracing paper” is outlining street redesign opportunities all over the city.

Thanks to all intrepid sneckdown spotters, and please keep ’em coming.

  • These are all beauties. Between 4 and 5 star sneckdowns! But there are plenty more on Twitter. Keep tweeting folks, I feel like a proud papa (a little).

  • Justin Ryan

    Sadly this often also means crosswalks are blocked by snow and unusable, forcing people to walk in the street. I found that 311 — online or on the phone — has no way to report blocked crosswalks or other dangerous snow-related pedestrian conditions —

  • Larry Littlefield

    Don’t look great to bike on. And I checked out that Prospect Park West bike lane this afternoon. Still completely blocked.

    I’m still hoping to ride in on Wednesday. Do I dare to take the lane? And if I don’t ride fast enough to suit them, do the motor vehicles behind gain a license to kill?

  • WoodyinNYC

    Yes, of course.

  • Larry Littlefield

    So can I ride a bicycle to work tomorrow or not?

  • Today’s temperatures in the high 40s must have taken care of a good amount of snow. And overnight temperatures are expected to be above freezing. A little rain could help, as well.

    I am hoping that all of this adds up to enough snow having melted to allow for safe riding tomorrow.

  • WoodyinNYC

    I meant to answer this question you posed,
    “And if I don’t ride fast enough to suit them, do the motor vehicles behind gain a license to kill?”
    Yes, of course.

    I have no special information on whether you can ride tomorrow. But I won’t try it. Melt snow. See wet spots against a big pile of compacted snow. Let chill in the shade. Um. Slippery when wet.

  • Joe R.

    Where I am it’ll be at least another week, assuming we don’t have any more snow, before I’d even attempt to ride. The roads are just a slushy, sandy mess.

  • Larry Littlefield

    As of the evening the PPW bike lane was cleared. So I can at least get as far as Grand Army Plaza.

    So I’ll try to ride in. I’m overweight enough already, and need some exercise.

  • Alexander Vucelic

    get Rid of Those sew ups and Borrow my 3 speed with Ballon tires, Fenders, and massive mudflaps , be prepared to Cruise at a Mighty 12 MPH 🙂

  • Joe R.

    Sew ups? I have airless tires. No worry about flats, period. The problem isn’t the conditions on the street. My tires cut through slush just fine. The issue is there is no space to the right of traffic with the piles of snow everywhere. I’d have to take the lane, and that won’t work when the cars behind me want to go 45 mph.

  • The problem of not enough room on the right side of the cars is what kept me from getting on the bike today. Even with the melt from yesterday’s temperatures in the high 40s, significant snow piles remain in many streets.


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